Best Web3 Browser Games You Need to Play Now

Our curated list of the best web3 browser games will get you travelling around mystical worlds, slaying monsters, and finding rare loot to upgrade your character.

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The world of online gaming is vast and ever-evolving, with browser games offering a quick and accessible way for players to dive into exciting virtual adventures. No downloads, no installations—just a click, and you're in! From strategy games that test your mind to action-packed adventures that get your heart racing, browser games cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking to kill a few minutes or immerse yourself in a longer gaming session, there's something for everyone.

We'll introduce you to the best browser games that are making waves right now. Our most recent Play Now feature allows you to play web games directly on our platform without needing to leave so settle in, and let's explore the best games you can play directly in your browser.



Sorare is a revolutionary football trading card game that builds on the fantasy football genre. It offers players a unique blend of fantasy football and digital collectibles. In Sorare, players can collect, buy, sell, and trade officially licensed football cards representing their favorite players. These cards are tokenized as NFTs, ensuring their rarity and authenticity. Players can use their cards to compete in global fantasy football leagues and earn rewards based on their performance. With its strategic gameplay and the thrill of collecting rare cards, Sorare provides an immersive experience for football enthusiasts worldwide. Every Fantasy Premier League fan can find his web3 home in Sorare.

Pirate Nation

pirate nation map.jpg

Pirate Nation takes players on a thrilling journey across the seven seas, where they can become the most feared pirate of all time. This web3 game allows players to build their own pirate crew, embark on epic quests, and engage in intense naval battles. As players progress, they can collect treasures, upgrade their ships, and establish their dominance in the Pirate Nation universe. With its rich graphics, captivating storyline, and strategic gameplay, Pirate Nation is a must-play for all adventure seekers.

Crypto Unicorns

crypto unicorns cover.png

Crypto Unicorns is a delightful game that transports players to a magical world filled with enchanting unicorns. These unicorns are not just ordinary creatures; they are unique digital collectibles that players can build out galleries with and show off to their friends, especially My Little Pony fans. Players can breed, raise, and trade their unicorns, each having its own distinct traits and characteristics. As players nurture their unicorns, they can participate in exciting races and challenges, earning rewards and enhancing their collection. Crypto Unicorns offers a perfect blend of fun gameplay and the thrill of collecting rare digital assets.

Knights of the Ether

knights of the ether game.jpg

Knights of the Ether: Blightfell is a captivating web3 deck-building roguelike game that promises unlimited replayability and a deep, strategy-focused gameplay experience. Set in the mystical world of Antik, players form teams of Nefties, unique creatures, to compete in various PvE and PvP modes. The game offers two distinct experiences: a questing game and a Deck-Building Roguelike game.  With its intricate gameplay mechanics and the allure of digital asset ownership, Knights of the Ether is a game that will keep players hooked.


aurory nefties.png

Aurory is a free-to-play, tactical, turn-based JRPG built on the Solana blockchain. Set in the vibrant world of Antik, players embark on quests, capture mystical creatures called Nefties, and engage in strategic battles. Each Neftie is an NFT, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade them freely. The game offers both PvE and PvP modes, ensuring a comprehensive gaming experience. Players can explore the world, train their Nefties, and compete against others in intense battles. With its compelling storyline, and strategic gameplay, Aurory is a game that stands out in the web3 gaming landscape.

The Immortal Game

immortal game cover 3.webp

The Immortal Game is not just another chess game; it's the world's first play-and-earn chess platform that integrates the traditional game with the innovative world of NFTs. Drawing inspiration from the historic 1851 chess match between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky, this game offers a unique blend of strategy and blockchain technology. Players can collect, trade, and own Immortal NFTs, which represent chess pieces, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the classic game. These NFTs come with challenges that players can complete during matches, pushing them to explore new strategies and playstyles. Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a blockchain aficionado, The Immortal Game promises an unparalleled experience, merging the best of both worlds.

Mini Royale Nations

Mini Royale Nations season 5.jpg

Launched in December 2021, Mini Royale: Nations made its mark as the inaugural live multiplayer shooter game on Solana. Players can swiftly engage in 3-minute matches, competing with up to 9 adversaries in modes like Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. And there's more on the horizon, with additional game modes, including PvE, set to debut soon. The game keeps things fresh by introducing seasonal content, featuring new maps, a rotating Battle Pass, and ever-evolving Hero and Weapon collections. Plus, there are periodic Challenges and Contracts to keep players engaged. The best part? You can dive right in without any NFT, wallet, or even an account. And for those looking to personalize their experience, mintable Hero and Weapon skins are available for free.


evio banner.jpg

EV.IO is a fast-paced first-person shooter that transports players to a futuristic setting. With its sleek graphics, responsive controls, and engaging gameplay, it's a testament to how far browser games have come. Players can engage in intense battles, utilize advanced weaponry, and strategize with teammates to dominate the opposition. The integration of web3 technology is anticipated, which will add another layer of depth to the game, allowing players to own assets, trade, and potentially earn while playing.

Mojo Melee

planet mojo mojo melee.jpg

Mojo Melee, part of the Planet Mojo metaverse, offers a fresh take on the classic auto battler game. Instead of the typical 100HP setup where players use given teams to outlast opponents, Mojo Melee allows players to pre-select units for their in-game shop. The game also shifts from the traditional 100HP model to a group stage and knockout system. Central to the game is strategic Team Building, where players choose champions and assign them roles like Damage Dealer, Brawler, Tank, or Caster, each bringing unique abilities to the table.

Sunflower Land

sunflower land.png

Sunflower Land is a captivating casual farm simulation game that offers players insights into the world of business. Through managing a farm, players learn the intricacies of trade, from raising crops and hunting resources to crafting and trading goods. A key aspect of the game is understanding the dynamics of supply and demand, where scarce resources fetch higher prices. Created by Thought Farm, Sunflower Land is enriched with engaging stories and a colorful array of characters spread across various islands. Moreover, every item players acquire is theirs to own, thanks to non-fungible tokens on the Polygon Blockchain. This feature allows players to trade rare items on supported platforms or with friends.


September 11th 2023


September 11th 2023