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Knights of the Ether: Blightfell is a web3 deck-building roguelike game inspired by unlimited replayability and deep, strategy-focused, competitive gameplay.

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Knights of the Ether (KOTE), an innovative blockchain game that offers both on and off-chain gameplay experiences across two chains. The KOTE ecosystem consists of two games - a Play2Earn (P2E) staking questing game and a Deck-Building Roguelike game.

The P2E “Stake/Quest” game is part of the TreasureDAO ecosystem. The game requires strategy and game theory skills as players make decisions in a constantly evolving economy. On the other hand, the Deck-Building Roguelike game demands tactical skills from the player to defeat monsters. With unlimited replayability and meaningful progression, every decision made has consequences.


To play the main Deck-Building Roguelike game, players will need a Knight of the Ether NFT, while Arbitrum Squires NFTs are required for the P2E staking/questing game. The Knights of the Ether NFTs are based on the Ethereum network and can be minted directly from KOTE's website or purchased on the marketplace. For every Knights of the Ether NFT owned, players will receive one free Arbitrum Squire NFT, which lives on the Arbitrum L2 network. Alternatively, Squires can be purchased on a secondary marketplace.

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Although the NFTs live on different chains and are used for different games, they are closely tied together. Squires are crucial to the progression of their Knights, as they help earn resources and acquire higher-tiered gear for the Deck-Building Roguelike game. Knights are therefore dependent on their Squires, and Squires are purposeless without their Knights.

KOTE's first season, Underdark, focuses on the P2E staking-questing aspect with Arbitrum Squires NFTs. Players can start building up the resources and gears of their Knights in anticipation of the release of the Deck-Building Roguelike game in Season 2. Squires can quest for new items, upgrade owned items, and passively earn $FIEF, an in-game token needed for certain activities.

Questing and Squires

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Questing in Underdark rewards players with different rewards per option. With four quest options available every 24 hours, making the right choice will lead players to their ideal destination. Squire stats are on-chain metadata that scale with experience. The higher the Squire's stats, the higher their chances of attaining better rewards. There are four stat classes: Strength, Wisdom, Luck, and Faith.

There are four types of Squires, each with its own specialty and higher base stat. Three types of items are available to Squires: Potions, Trinkets, and Rings, each with its own unique buffs for the Knight in the Deck-Building game. 

How to Get Started

Step 1: Visit the Website

Go to the official Knights of the Ether website .

Step 2: Click on "Play Squires"

Find and click on the "Play Squires" button on the website.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Click on the "Connect Wallet" button to link your digital wallet to the game.

Step 4: Choose Your Adventure

Select your questing adventure by choosing one of the locations - Forest, Temple, Mountain, or Cavern. Each location offers different benefits, so choose wisely!

Step 5: Select Your Squires

Once you've chosen a location, click on it and select the Squires you want to send on the quest. You can do this by clicking on "Send Squire(s)" or "Send All" to send all your Squires at once.

Step 6: Sign the Transactions

Finally, sign the transaction to approve the use of Squires. Then, sign the second transaction to send them on the quest.

And that's it! Your Squires are now on their way to complete their quest in Knights of the Ether. Enjoy the adventure!

About Knights of the Ether

Knights of the Ether

Knights of the Ether: Blightfell is a web3 deck-building roguelike game that offers unlimited replayability and competitive gameplay with a strong emphasis on strategy.