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Participate in real-time strategic battles to establish your dominance as the ultimate champion on Mojo Melee. Employ clever tactics and elevate your Mojos and Champions into formidable forces, turning close defeats into surprising victories that leave your opponents astonished.



Mojo Melee is the first game within the Planet Mojo metaverse, and it puts a unique spin on the traditional auto battler genre. What most players are used to is having 100HP and building a team composition with what you are given to try and eliminate everyone till you are the last one standing. Well, what makes Mojo Melee unique is the option to prepare your team and select the units you want to appear within your shop in-game and the format of Mojo Melee itself steers away from the 100HP towards a group stage and knockout formula.


Mojo Melee offers a dynamic gameplay experience that revolves around assembling formidable teams and engaging in intense battles. The foundation of this experience lies in the strategic aspect of Team Building, where players must carefully select and organize their champions to optimize their chances of success. Players can assign various Roles to their champions, including Damage Dealer, Brawler, Tank, and Caster, each with a distinct set of abilities and strengths.

Each match within a tournament involves a planning phase where a player can upgrade and deploy their team. When the combat phase begins, players sit back and watch their teams fight it out. Matches are made up of rounds. At the start of each round, players gain gold. This gold can be spent to purchase champions or spells offered to you in the shop based on your pre-selected team prior to queueing up.

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Among the roles available, Damage Dealers like Dawn Striker and Dark Brightley shine as offensive powerhouses, inflicting heavy damage on opponents. On the other end of the spectrum, Tanks like Brooka Clawhaven and Batakamus Rex step into the frontline, excelling at absorbing incoming damage and protecting their teammates.

To enhance the tactical depth of battles, Mojo Melee introduces SpellStones, which are pivotal tools that can turn the tide of battle. Season 2 brings an array of new SpellStones like Haste and Chaos, each introducing unique strategic elements to the gameplay. SpellStones like Mojosynthesis and MojoPortal open up avenues for victory by granting players advantageous effects during battles.

During combat, units gain energy by attacking and taking damage. Each unit has a special ability that they will use once their energy is fully charged. Special abilities have a wide range of effects that can change the tide of battle. Once you have taken out all your opponent's champions, you have won the round. The group stage has 3 rounds, and if you win 2 of them, you make it towards the knockouts.

Victory in battles isn't solely about the thrill of combat; it also translates to tangible Rewards and Upgrades. Triumphing in battles allows players to progressively upgrade their teams of Mojos and Champions, unlocking new abilities, enhancing stats, and unlocking additional strategic possibilities. As players rise through the ranks, they earn valuable Ores and Badges, reflective of their accomplishments and prowess on the battlefield.

Season 2

With the introduction of Season 2: Mark of Deception, Mojo Melee unveils a fresh chapter of content. The Season 2 BattlePass has been activated, ushering in a renewed competitive landscape. To level the playing field, Rank Progress and Trophy Count have undergone a reset, setting the stage for exciting new challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their prowess once again.

To honor the dedication of players who engaged in the previous season, the End of Season 1 Rewards have been thoughtfully and automatically credited to their accounts. This thoughtful gesture acknowledges their commitment and achievements, allowing them to enter Season 2 on a high note.

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Amidst these compelling updates, Mojo Melee has also made strides in refining the player experience. A novel payment method, Stripe, has been seamlessly integrated, offering players a convenient and secure way to engage with in-game transactions. Navigating the game has become even more intuitive, thanks to the addition of tooltips in the Main Menu, aiding players in discovering and accessing various features and options.

Furthermore, the visual and immersive aspects of the game have received attention. Champion and Mojo animations have been meticulously enhanced, resulting in smoother and more captivating gameplay animations that further elevate the overall enjoyment and engagement of players.

Amazon Prime Gaming

Mojo Melee has proudly joined forces with Amazon Prime Gaming, marking an exciting milestone for the game. As part of this collaboration, Amazon Prime members are in for a treat with the opportunity to access a series of compelling perks for a span of 6 months. These exclusive benefits include the chance to claim monthly offers at no cost, adding a layer of excitement and value to the Amazon Prime membership.

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The inaugural offering kicks off with a bang, featuring the coveted Digital Collectible Champion Gwyn Rockhopper, a unique addition to the player's arsenal. Accompanying this prestigious champion is an in-game pack of Ore, enhancing the gameplay experience and providing players with additional resources to fuel their adventures.

How to Get Started

Embark on a magical journey filled with Mojos, Champions, and SpellStones in Mojo Melee. Here's a quick guide to help you dive into the action:

Step 1: Access Mojo Melee

  • Visit Mojo Melee's official website to access the game directly on your browser
  • Click the Play Now button at the top of this page to enjoy playing Mojo Melee directly on this game page.

Step 2: Create Your Account

  • Sign up to create your Mojo Melee account.
  • Some games require email verification for added security, so keep an eye on your inbox if that's the case.

Step 3: Assemble Your Team

  • Choose Your Mojo: Select from a variety of Mojos, each with unique abilities and characteristics.
  • Pick Your Champions: Champions are the backbone of your team. Choose wisely based on their skills and how they synergize with your Mojo.
  • Select SpellStones: SpellStones provide additional abilities or buffs. Choose the ones that complement your team's strategy.

Step 4: Engage in Battle

  • Deploy: Once your team is assembled, you're ready for battle. Deploy your units on the battlefield.
  • Real-Time Strategy: Mojo Melee is a real-time game, so quick thinking and strategy are key to victory.
  • Dominate: Eliminate enemy units, capture objectives, and dominate the battlefield to prove your worth.

Step 5: Reap the Rewards

  • Victory Loot: Winning battles will earn you various rewards like new units, SpellStones, and in-game currency.
  • Upgrades: Use your rewards to upgrade your team, making them stronger and more versatile for future battles.

And there you have it! You're now ready to dive into the magical world of Mojo Melee. Assemble your team, engage in thrilling battles, and climb the ranks to become a Mojo Melee champion. Good luck!

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Enter the realm of fierce competition with dynamic real-time strategic battles, showcasing your supremacy on Mojo Melee. Employ smart strategies to transform potential losses into unforeseen triumphs, enhancing your Mojos and Champions to become unmatched forces on the battlefield.


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