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Mini Royale: Nations is a free-to-play fps browser game. Players can level up through PvP battles, collect Heroes and Weapons through Battle Pass, complete Challenges and Contracts, unlock high rarity Heroes in the Fusion Lab, and squad up for Clan Wars to win skins, SOL, and more.

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Mini Royale: Nations was the first live multiplayer shooter game on Solana, launched in Dec 2021. In Mini Royale: Nations, players can jump into a 3-minute match with up to 9 others in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag (more game modes including PvE modes coming soon!). Mini Royale offers seasonal content, with new maps, Battle Pass, Hero and Weapon collections, and Challenges and Contracts every few months. Players don’t need an NFT, wallet, or even an account to start playing. Mintable Hero and Weapon skins can be unlocked for free as well.

Each week, Clans must work together to complete Raids and participate in game item staking to earn points in Clan Wars. Clans with the most points during this 3-4 day event place on the Clan Wars Tiered Leaderboard and win prizes like SOL, Item Shards, Battle Pass Points, Butter, and more. There are 3 types of Clan Wars that rotate on a weekly basis: Raid-Focused, Staking-Focused, Combo, and World Domination. Raids consist of a checklist of missions that must be completed by a Clan in a specific timeframe. Clans earn Military points from completing Raids. Each week, certain skins provide boosts if equipped during Raids. 

Staking lets players lock certain boosted skins to earn Economic points. In some Clan Wars, staking provides the most points and can determine a Clan’s position on the leaderboard – Collectors rejoice! World Domination is a turn-based strategy mode where Clan build up cities, buy defenses, and attack enemy cities to destroy or steal some of their Leaderboard points. Clans are a core aspect of Mini Royale: Nations. Players can join a Clan at level 3 or create their own Clan at level 10. A player must be a member of a Clan for 7 days before they can contribute points in Clan Wars. 


All skins in Mini Royale: Nations can be minted by players and traded on open economy marketplaces like Magic Eden. Players can collect pieces of Heroes and Weapons through various game mechanics like Battle Pass, Clan Wars, Challenges, and Contracts. 

There are 2 types of skins in Mini Royale: Nations – Premium skins and Loot skins. All skins are Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Premium skins are unlockable though the Premium Samurai Drop and through Fusion, and, once minted, provide benefits like:

  • Unlocking the Premium Tier of the Battle Pass
  • Contributing to Battle Pass Boost
  • Unlocking Premium Contracts, in-game quests that award Premium Item Shards and Butter
  • Boosting Economic Base Points when staked in Clan Wars
  • Providing Raid & Staking Boosts in Clan Wars
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Loot skins can be unlocked through Battled Pass, Challenges, and Clan Wars, and, once minted, provide benefits like:

  • Unlocking Loot Contracts, in-game quests that award Loot Item Shards
  • Providing Raid & Staking Boosts in Clan Wars

Butter is an off-chain game currency in Mini Royale: Nations. Butter is required for Fusion, buying City Shields and Uranium in World Domination, and unlocking Item Shards through the Big Shot shooting range. On-chain tokens $CHEDDAR and $ROYALE are planned to be released as well. 

How to Get Started

Head to and join a match! To buy skins, check out the Mini Royale: Nations Premium and Loot Collections on Magic Eden. Join the Mini Royale: Nations  Discord server for weekly Q&A calls, game updates, leaks, contests, holder chats, and other major announcements.

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Release Date

December 16th 2021

Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is a free-to-play first-person shooter with a seasonal Battle Pass, Quests, crafting mechanics, weekly Clan Wars and more.