EV.IO provides players with a high quality fast-paced first-person shooter that is playable straight from your web browser. The game features teleportation, triple jump, impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades – ev.io is host to all kinds of fun abilities that go beyond simple “point and shoot” mechanics.



EV.IO embodies what we mean by lowering the barrier of entry into web3 gaming. The shooter game allows players to get into a match within minutes. The simplicity of just entering the URL and finding yourself one click away from enjoying a fast-paced action shooter with HALO and Unreal Tournament vibes is such a joy.

EV.IO plays directly in the browser with no downloads or installs and is designed first and foremost to be highly accessible on all desktop devices. Anyone can boot it up and play the game to enjoy a variety of modes where players can go solo or in teams, and they can even represent their clans.


The clan system in ev.io is designed to allow players to work together towards shared interests and goals. Clans compete for points which determines their placement on the clan leaderboard which allows them to earn rewards.  Now if you are a skilled player who can stand their own within the battlefield, you might wonder what is the incentives EV.IO has for you to even join a clan.

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The studio makes sure to organize constant tournaments and competitions specifically designed for clans to participate in. These are often organized weekly, with the highest amount of points at the end of each week will get the biggest rewards. The runner-ups sometimes get some love as well.

The current clan roles in ev.io are as follows:

  • Commander - This role is automatically assigned to the creator of the clan but can be changed by the commander. With the commander role, you can do everything: invite members, assign roles, remove members, edit clan info, deploy members, view all invitations, delete the clan, etc. 
  • Lieutenant - This role can edit the clan info and deploy members so give it only to the most trusted clan members. Outside of those two things, there is nothing else a lieutenant can do more than a normal member. 
  • Recruit - This role has no special privileges. It is not automatically assigned when joining a clan. So it's up to the Commander (the only member with the ability to assign roles), wether it is assigned to new members (which start in the clan not having any role). 

There is no minimum or maximum on the number of members representing each role within your clan.

How to Get Started

Hopping on EV.IO is as simple as clicking the Play Now button at the top of this page. The game offers a seamless experience directly on your web browser once you visit the website. If you want to create parties it is possible as well if you want to jump into lobbies together as a group.

About EV.IO


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EV.IO provides players with a high quality fast-paced first-person shooter that is playable straight from your web browser.


Enthusiast Gaming