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The core concept of Sunflower Land is to Farm Crops, Gather Resources, Cook Food, Raise Animals and Craft Items as you evolve your character and expand your land.



Sunflower Land is a farm simulation game that teaches users about how business works through building a vibrant, entertaining, and successful farm . Farmers can raise crops and hunt for resources, cook food and craft items before trading them with other players to build their business empire. One of the game's main features is balancing supply and demand; when resources are scarce, they become more expensive because they're in high demand.

Thought Farm, the studio behind Sunflower Land, ensure players are always engaged by incorporating lore into the game and filling its world with a memorable cast of characters throughout the many available islands. Every item you harvest, gather, or craft is an asset that's 100% owned by you through the power of non-fungible tokens and identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. This means that people can collect rare and valuable items and then trade them with friends or list them on supported trading platforms. 


One of the keys to successful farming in Sunflower Land is nurturing crops in order to level up your in-game character which is known as a "Bumpkin". As you play, you will have more opportunities to create new NFTs that can be minted, including boosts which will help your crops grow faster. To grow a crop, you will need to purchase a seed from the shop. At the time of writing, there are 11 different crops players can enjoy harvesting with many more scheduled to be added over time. Players can plant seeds and then wait for them to mature via their in-game timer. The more valuable the seeds, the longer the timers. These can be sold later for $SFL on the in-game marketplace or withdrawn from the game to sell on one of many supported 3rd Party Marketplaces, such as NiftySwap.


SFL is the native utility token used within Sunflower Land. It is required for crafting tools and expanding your farm. The quickest way to earn SFL is by farming crops and exchanging these via the in game shop You are free to withdraw it and enjoy being rewarded for your time playing the game or spent on improving your Sunflower Land's plot, buying equipment, and progressing further. The following list are the crops currently available:

  • Sunflower​
  • Potato
  • Pumpkin​
  • Carrot​
  • Cabbage​
  • Beetroot
  • Cauliflower​
  • Parsnip​
  • Radish​
  • Wheat​ 
  • Kale


You can craft tools at the Blacksmith, such as axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hammers. These tools can help you when farming crops, customizing your lands, or while wandering around the game's vibrant colorful world peacefully gathering resources. Each of them features a progressive nature so an Axe would provide you with wood, you would then use that wood to craft a pickaxe that could provide you stone. Wood and Stone could craft you a stronger pickaxe to acquire Iron and this progression moves into Gold, Emeralds and beyond. It is a natural step-ladder approach to keep everyone playing Sunflower Land always working towards a goal and a clear path towards improving their overall experience.

One of the most important tools in the game will be your Rusty shovel. This little tool will give you the ability to move your buildings and your NFTs so that you can customize your land. It can even be upgraded to move resources, like trees, and decoration items for those who love to creatively express themselves in-game and personalize their farm whenever friends come over to visit. As the team introduce paths, roads and fences, soon players will be able to create truly unique looking environments to share with their friends and the community via the in-game "Visit a farm" feature.


Land Expansions

As you start to level up, you will find that you require more land. Additional farming spots, better resources, and more space for your NFTs. Land Expansion requires different resources. In order to expand, you will need to farm resources like Wood, Stone and Iron. When you begin the game, you are given 3 land plots. Additional land plots are available as long as you have the required resources and your Bumpkin has evolved to the level needed to explore further. Apart from the first few levels which are set, all land expansions are random in what resources they will provide the farmer.

This means that you might get a tree, some additional farmland, or maybe even rare stones like gold or emeralds. In order to obtain the tools required to chop trees and mine stone, you will need to unlock the blacksmith. This requires your Bumpkin to evolve to level 3. When you have the required resources, it is time to expand your land. This process will mint a new NFT which is then attached to your farm. Your assets are all stored on the Blockchain in your Web3 wallet so you have full ownership of all your in-game assets and achieved progress.

Bumpkin NFTs


Bumpkins are the citizens of Sunflower Land. They are the key to expanding your land, farming, chopping trees and collectible rare items. All of your experience, skills and achievements in Sunflower Land belong to your Bumpkin. The NFT updates in real-time as you level-up, craft new clothing and discover rare items. Not only that, each piece of clothing is a tradeable wearable designed and added to the game by the open source community. This makes for an incredibly unique and personalized experience for each player enjoying the game. Your Bumpkin is not only your In Game Character but also a Dynamic PFP that you can customize and evolve. Pop to the tailors, edit your Bumpkin, and save it to the blockchain to update the metadata to truly represent your avatar how you want it to be seen within the cozy and extremely friendly Sunflower Land community. 

How to Get Started

Step 1: Setup a Web3 Wallet

Before you can start playing Sunflower Land, you need to own a Web3 wallet. There are many options available, so choose one that suits you best and set it up.

Step 2: Connect to Sunflower Land

Go to the official Sunflower Land website: Sunflower Land. Click on 'Connect your Web3 Wallet' and follow the instructions to connect your wallet.

Step 3: Mint Your Farm

On the Sunflower Land website, click on 'Mint your Farm'. This process will generate your virtual farm in the game.

Step 4: Claim Your Free Bumpkin NFT

Along with your farm, you'll also receive a free Bumpkin NFT. This character serves as your profile picture (PFP) and your in-game character. To claim it, visit the Bumpkin website at Bumpkin, connect your wallet (the same one attached to your farm), and click 'Mint Bumpkin'. Once the transaction is complete, refresh your farm and you'll see your new Bumpkin.

Step 5: Level Up Your Bumpkin

Your Bumpkin can be leveled up by feeding them with food that you cook from your crops. The more you level up your Bumpkin, the more Sunflower Land's in-game currency (SFL) you can earn. To feed your Bumpkin, click on your Bumpkin in the game and select the food you want them to eat.

As you progress, you'll need to make strategic decisions. For instance, you could sell your crops for instant returns, or use them to cook food and level up your Bumpkin for potentially greater earnings.

There is only 1 farm allowed per player and the developers have a strict no multi-accounting / no scripts or botting rule. Now that you have all you need, you are free to kick off your adventure.

About Sunflower Land


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Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is an Open Source Web3 RPG Farming Simulator built on the Polygon Blockchain.


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