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Sports is an international language that everyone speaks. Blockchain sports games genre brings with it a number of exciting titles spanning across different sports. From cyberpunk football with robotic players to horse racing, the crypto sports games have it all. With tons of sports to expand into, the web3 gaming space is bound to get new NFT sports games covering a more diverse selection. The passion that comes with sports and its fans sparks a ton of interest in the genre to get the opportunity to play with your favorite player. The following list of titles are the best blockchain sports games available right now for you to try out.
Sports NFT games give players the chance to compete against one another in their sport of choice. The amount of hours spent competing in different sports games and trying to find out who is the better player in each sport sparked a competitive and enjoyable environment every gamer remembers and is very fond of. With games like FIFA, Madden, NFL, and other franchises yet to enter the blockchain sports genre, we are yet to see the true potential of sports NFT games and it will look like with licensed teams.