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Pirate Nation is an on-chain pirate-themed RPG game played on Arbitrum Nova. It offers players an exciting high seas adventure where they can collect materials for crafting, treasures, and pirate gold.

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Pirate Nation is an exciting new on-chain pirate-themed RPG game that offers players a high seas adventure filled with treasure, fun, and unexpected surprises. Players can collect and send pirates on thrilling expeditions, where they can gather materials for crafting, treasures, and pirate gold. As pirates embark on various adventures, they gain valuable experience points, allowing them to level up and increase their abilities.

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Pirate Nation is fully playable on Arbitrum Nova, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience. The game's ultimate goal is to create a vast and immersive world filled with countless adventures for players to enjoy. The development team is excited to collaborate with the community and work together to build a rich and vibrant world that offers endless possibilities for players.

Pirate NFTs

Players can choose one pirate to be the captain of their crew, providing additional benefits that only apply to them. Captains can use the Rum item to restore energy and continue questing. Pirates gain experience points (XP) for each quest they complete, and after reaching the level threshold, players can use Pirate Gold to level up their pirates. Higher-level pirates have more energy and access to quests that yield better rewards.

Each pirate has an elemental affinity that provides advantages and disadvantages in combat against other elemental affinities. Pirates have only one affinity, and the advantage/disadvantage is reflected in combat. Water is strong against Fire but weak against Air, Fire is strong against Earth but weak against Water, Earth is strong against Lightning but weak against Fire, Lightning is strong against Air but weak against Earth, and Air is strong against Water but weak against Lightning.

Pirates have expertise that provides an advantage in combat. The size of this advantage is based on the pirate's level, and it affects combat in future events. Expertise includes bonus damage to each attack, making the ship harder to hit (evasion), giving the ship a higher chance to attack first (speed), improving the ship's chance of hitting with an attack (accuracy), and increasing the maximum health value of the ship selected for combat (health).


Questing, combat, and defeating bosses are at the heart of Pirate Nation gameplay. Players can engage with an early version of the questing system during the beta phase, allowing their pirates to gain XP, gold, and resources. Completing advanced quests unlocks even more advanced quests and rewards. Some quests can only be done once every few hours or days and offer generous rewards.

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Combat in Pirate Nation involves selecting the right attack to inflict the most damage on enemies. The beta phase focuses on Player vs Environment combat, with Player vs Player combat coming later. Players can coordinate to defeat massive creatures that spawn occasionally, with the player who lands the killing blow receiving a rare, one-of-a-kind NFT.

The Gauntlet Mode

The Gauntlet is one of the most challenging aspects of Pirate Nation, and it offers players a chance to test their skills against a series of increasingly powerful opponents. To participate in The Gauntlet, players need to head to the buoy located in the north-west of the island, where they'll find the entrance to this treacherous challenge.

Once players have selected their ship, they'll face off against a series of enemies whose strength and abilities increase with each battle. The ultimate goal is to defeat all of the opponents and emerge as the Pirate Lord with all the loot.

Participating in The Gauntlet doesn't require any energy or resources, so players can try their luck as many times as they want until they succeed. However, it's worth noting that this unlimited re-entry policy may change in the future. The enemies players face in The Gauntlet come in many forms, from basic pirate ships to massive sea creatures like the Kraken or Megalodon. Each enemy has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, making each battle a unique and exciting challenge.

As players progress through The Gauntlet, they'll earn rewards that increase in value with each level completed. These rewards can include gold, items, and even rare NFTs. However, the challenges get tougher with each level, so players will need to prepare their ships and crews accordingly.

The Gauntlet is an excellent way for players to hone their combat skills, test their ships and crew, and earn valuable rewards. The challenge is designed to be replayable, with new opponents to face every day. Pirate Nation players can challenge themselves and compete against each other to see who can emerge victorious from The Gauntlet.

How to Get Started

To play Pirate Nation, players must obtain at least one pirate, which can be purchased on OpenSea, Trove, or Blur. Players can select a captain for their crew to gain additional benefits, and pirates gain levels and have an Elemental Affinity and Expertise that impact combat.

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Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation is a game where players send pirates on adventures to collect materials, treasures, and pirate gold.


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