GAM3 Quests Gather Over 8K Unique Web3 Gamers

Celebrating the massive success of the GAM3 Quests launch campaign, with over 8K unique gamers, over 28K quests started, and more than 140,000 completed missions.

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Mostafa Salem

Head of Gaming Research

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The GAM3 Quests launch campaign is over, but not without redefining the traditional approach to web3 gaming challenges, giveaways, and rewards. The numbers we've seen and the engagement we've experienced has been nothing short of spectacular. Throughout the course of the campaign, we saw an amazing turnout of over 8,000 unique gamers taking part in our quests.

The launch campaign, which featured 13 games from the Polygon network and more than $10,000 in NFT prizes and rewards, offered everyone an opportunity to indulge in some of the best web3 games available. The level of involvement was immense with over 28,000 quests being initiated since the launch of the campaign. This goes to show the sheer dedication and excitement that GAM3 Quests has sparked among gamers.

But starting a quest is one thing, seeing it through to the end is where the real challenge lies. To our delight, the completion rate was outstanding with over 140,000 missions accomplished. Of these, more than 5,000 in-game missions were verified through our integrated APIs with game partners.

With GAM3 Quests, gamers were given a chance to experience something new in the world of web3 games - earning exclusive in-game items and limited edition rewards in games like Chronos: Dawn of Time, Sunflower Land, Cards of Ethernity, Metastar Strikers, Apeiron, amony many others, simply by completing challenges.

For those who participated, we extend a huge thank you. Your enthusiasm and dedication are what made this campaign a success. As for what's next, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter  and follow us on socials to get updates about all upcoming quests and future announcements.

In the wake of the campaign, we remain more committed than ever to reshaping engagement and how web3 gamers get to enjoy the latest titles in the industry.

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September 6th 2023


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