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Apeiron features a unique card-based action-adventure combat system combined with god game simulation gameplay inspired by classic god games like Populous and Black & White.

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In Apeiron, a unique fusion game combining elements of card games, roguelikes, and massively multiplayer online games, you will play as a godling, a newborn deity summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to aid in her fight against the High God Chaos and his Taint. As a godling, you will rule over your own planet full of "Doods," cute and somewhat clueless yellow creatures resembling chickens.

As a godling, you will be able to control your world's Avatar, a giant construct, and unlock the secrets of the godiverse by exploring dungeons. You can also acquire special abilities and recruit Dood Apostles to join you on your adventures. When you have gained enough levels, you can participate in ritual combat against other godlings in the Hourglass Coliseum.


Avatars are classified into three types: Fury, Wisdom, and Fate. The Fury is a formidable melee fighter, the Wisdom is a strong magician, and the Fate is a leader who grants helpful boosts and upgrades on the battlefield. The appearance of the Avatar is influenced by both their class and the elemental makeup of the Planet. 

After Celestial Conjunction, a new planet will inherit its class from one of its parents. If both parents are of the same class, the child planet will also be that class. If the parents are of different classes, the child planet has a 50% chance of being either class.

Each Avatar has up to 5 innate skills: 3 card skills (C-Skills) that are based on the class and 2 passive skills (P-Skills) that are based on the element. The C-Skills are inherited from the parents and are determined by the class.


Doods are typically carefree creatures, but some may be inspired by or saved by your divine power and decide to join you on adventures as Dood Apostles. These Apostles lead squads of Dood followers and support you in your explorations and battles. They can be found in the Manifold Paths of Dirac, a never-ending dungeon, by going through your Planet's dungeon or by searching Dungeon Worlds.

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Apostles have different stats, classes, weapons, special body parts, and skills, resulting in a total of 0.3 billion unique combinations. The 12 Apostle classes are:

  1. Warrior
  2. Mage
  3. Rogue
  4. Bard
  5. Hunter
  6. Priest
  7. Summoner
  8. Dragoon
  9. Knight
  10. Berserker
  11. Shaman
  12. Guardian.

Each Apostle has a deck of Skill Cards that can be used in conjunction with your Avatar's Combat Deck. Experiment with different combinations of Apostles and your Avatar to find the most effective strategy in battle! Apostles can be combined through holy rituals to improve their stats or alter their skill decks.

Your starting Planet may have some rare or even epic Dood Apostles, but in the Dungeon Worlds scattered throughout the universe, there are the souls of powerful legendary Apostles like the Hercudood or the Doowukong. These formidable creatures can be found and recruited to join your party, allowing you to challenge even other divines.


Planet NFTs are essential for participating in the game. Most gameplay, including the god game simulation and dungeon delving, takes place on your Planet. To begin playing, you can either purchase a Planet on the Marketplace or rent one through a scholarship program. If you choose the latter option, a portion of the tokens you earn will go to the owner of the Planet.

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Planets come with different elemental distributions, which determine the type of Avatar you have. There are four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. If you want a well-rounded gameplay experience, consider getting a Normal Planet, which combines all four elements. Alternatively, if you want to be competitive or access endgame content, you might consider a Planet with a higher concentration of a single element, such as a tri-, duo-, or mono-element Planet. These types of Planets provide Avatars with access to more powerful Skills.

In Apeiron, you can breed 15 different types of Planets, each with its own elemental combination and corresponding Avatar skin. Each Planet also comes with its own unique cosmetic items and a dungeon to explore, where you can unlock additional Dood Apostle party members. There is a lot to discover and explore in this game. The following are all 15 announced Planet archetypes:

  • Gigas — Pure Earth
  • Leviathan — Pure Water
  • Inferno — Pure Fire
  • Tempest — Pure Air
  • Archipelago — Water/Earth
  • Volcanic — Fire/Earth
  • Karsts — Earth/Air
  • Tundra — Fire/Water
  • Delta — Water/Air
  • Dunes — Fire/Air
  • Mountainous — Fire/Water/Earth
  • Foresty — Water/Air/Earth
  • Wasteland — Fire/Earth/Air
  • Oasis — Water/Fire/Air
  • Normal — Four Element mix


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Apeiron Star NFTs are similar to the "Lands" found in other games. Each Star has one or more Orbital Tracks that can be used to "park" a Planet and give it an aging boost. This helps the Planet unlock more Relic slots, which can be filled with Relics to power up your EDEN and Avatar. Additionally, players can rent out their empty Tracks to other players and receive a rental income.

Apeiron Star NFTs can accelerate the aging of your Planet, enabling you to unlock its Relic slots faster. Each Star comes with a number of Orbital Tracks, and you can place your Planets in any of these empty Tracks to receive the aging boost from the Star. If you have any unused Orbital Tracks, you can either allow your friends' Planets to occupy them or rent them out to other players for passive income.

In addition to providing Orbital Tracks and boosting Planet aging, Stars also increase the limit on the number of players you can invite to your Alliance, making them essential for Alliance building. Each Star is also part of a Constellation, and if your Alliance owns every Star in that Constellation, you will receive additional passive bonuses. Overall, Stars can greatly enhance your Apeiron gameplay.

On top of providing an aging boost to your planets, Stars are also the basis for Alliances. Each Star in an Alliance increases the Alliance's membership cap by +10. Stars are organized into Constellations, which can be either Major or Minor. Major Constellations have a larger number of higher rarity Stars, while Minor Constellations have fewer, lower rarity Stars.

If your Apeiron Alliance is able to collect all the Stars in a single Constellation, your Planets will gain additional passive benefits. The ultimate goal for an Alliance is to complete 13 Constellations, at which point Zodiac buffs can be activated. These buffs provide significant boosts to aging, increase the number of Orbital Tracks, and increase the membership cap.


Relics are unique Apeiron NFTs that can be traded with other players. They provide a way for players to make permanent progress and also encourage interaction with the marketplace. When a player initiates an Armageddon, they have the option to convert their items and Apostles into Relics. These Relics can be Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, or even rare Planetary Wonders that might be lost during the reset.

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To create a Relic NFT, the player must spend Apeiros. These Relics can be installed into a Planet's Relic Slot and activated during the next Planetary cycle. Once they are activated, the Relics revert back to their original form and must be converted again into a Relic if they are to be used in a future cycle, requiring either more gameplay or a purchase on the marketplace.


The combat system in this game is a real-time card-based battle system that features Avatars and Apostle Squads. Players can control the movement and targeting of their Avatar on unique maps, while the Apostles move independently. At the start of each encounter, the Avatar's Skill Cards and Apostle Skill Cards are shuffled together and a hand of skill cards is dealt to the player.

Every time a skill from the hand is used, a new skill is drawn from the deck. This system requires players to constantly adapt to the changing circumstances of the battle, including the enemies they are facing and the skills they have available, making each encounter unique. The gameplay in Apeiron will feel incredibly familiar to those used to Clash Royale and the likes, where you keep track of the energy you gain throughout the match and play cards out of the pool available to you.

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During the Apeiron playtest we participated in, you always had a selection of four cards to choose from, with the energy bar filling up with time throughout the game. You had to choose the card and drag into the battlefield for it to come into play, and most of the times to actually select its area of effect. Your Avatar has a bar right below its health as well, which charges up throughout the battle for you to unleash your Avatar's special ability.

The PvE portion of Apeiron puts players in a branching dungeon scenario. Each planet has a dungeon that can only be accessed by controlling the planet's EDEN. These dungeons, called the Dirac Sea, are spiritual realms that grow along with the player's world and offer a range of combat and puzzle encounters that test the player's knowledge and skills. By exploring their world's Dirac Sea, players can rescue Dood Apostles and have them join their team. They can also take their Avatar to other Dungeon Worlds to find powerful artifacts.

On the other hand, PvP hasn't been fully revealed yet in terms of how it will work, especially with the slow down mechanic present in PvE. However, Apeiron naturally makes for a competitive game. This is where the Coliseum kicks in. The Coliseum is a player versus player (PvP) combat arena where players can test their Avatars and Apostles against other players. By winning matches, players can rise through the ranks on a galactic ladder. At the end of a season, rewards will be given out, with the largest share going to the top performers.

Recent Updates 

Move to Ronin Network

Apeiron has successfully transitioned to the Ronin network, enhancing the game's infrastructure and player experience. This strategic move was announced a few weeks prior to the game going live on Ronin, signaling a significant step forward in Apeiron's development. Players interested in experiencing Apeiron on Ronin will need a Ronin wallet, which is essential for gameplay and transactions within this new ecosystem. For players that already own assets prior to the migration, you will need to migrate them using this link.
The game remains free on the Epic Games Store, ensuring easy access for newcomers.

Apeiron's Airdrop Campaign

In anticipation of the $APRS Token Generation Event scheduled for February, Apeiron has launched an official $ANIMA Airdrops Campaign. This campaign allows players to start earning Airdrop Points (AP) now, which will be convertible to $ANIMA tokens once Season 3 goes live. The distribution of $ANIMA will be based on the pool of AP earned, with a battlevesting mechanism requiring players to complete in-game tasks to unlock their tokens. There are several thresholds for AP that determine the percentage of $ANIMA unlocked at TGE, encouraging active participation in the game and its community.

Earning AP involves a variety of activities, from PvP Alpha Testing for Planet or Star NFT holders to engaging with the community and participating in special events. The introduction of new Apostle classes and the provision of free in-game Booty Hours further enrich the gameplay experience. 

How to Get Started

Step 1: Download Apeiron

  1. Head to the Apeiron download page at the game's official website here.
  2. Choose the version suitable for your operating system - PC or Mac.

Step 2: Create an Account

  1. After downloading, you'll need to create an account on the game's website. Start by binding your Email. You can do this by clicking on the upper right-hand [My Account] => [Account Setting]. You can also sign in using your Ronin wallet or Mavis account.

  1. Enter your email address and choose a secure password. Make sure to remember these credentials, as they will be your Game Demo Login. 
  2. To make sure you are eligible for our GAM3 Quest, make sure you use the same wallet address.

Step 3: Install the Game

  1. You've downloaded a zipped file of the game client. Locate this file on your computer and unzip it using your system's software.
  2. After unzipping the file, you should be able to see the game client. Open it.
  3. Use the email and password you set earlier to login and start playing!

Step 4: Activate Battlepass for Rewards

  1. To claim rewards and add more gameplay time, you'll need to activate your Battlepass. Navigate to Apeiron's Battle Pass page to do this.
  2. Here, you can burn Solar and Lunar Fragments to claim rewards, earn additional Game Time, and participate in leaderboards.
  3. For every Solar and Lunar fragment NFT burned, you'll receive an extra hour of gameplay.

About Apeiron


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Apeiron is the world’s first NFT-based play-and-earn godgame.


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