Apeiron Key Updates: Ronin Migration, Token Launch, & Epic Games Listing

Explore Apeiron's latest updates: Ronin migration, P2E tokens, & debut on Epic Games. Discover NFT integration, PvP, & a new story mode for a richer gaming experience.

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Apeiron is a unique fusion game blending card game, roguelike, and MMO elements, where players assume the role of a godling summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to aid in her battle against the High God Chaos and his Taint. In this role, you govern a planet inhabited by "Doods," endearing chicken-like creatures. You'll wield control over your world's Avatar, a massive construct, and delve into dungeons to uncover the secrets of the godiverse. Special abilities can be acquired, and Dood Apostles can be recruited as companions for your adventures. As you progress through levels, you'll engage in ritual combat with fellow godlings in the Hourglass Coliseum.

Foonie Magnus is a Singapore-based studio founded in 2021 by a group of game developers united around one idea – that games can change how we see the world. Today, they’re building two gaming IPs: Acid Rain World and Aperion. The Apeiron Team has recently introduced substantial updates, reshaping the gaming landscape for its player base.

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In a significant strategic shift, Apeiron will be migrating from Polygon to Ronin later this month. This move is anticipated to optimize performance and streamline the overall gaming experience for players. After the migration, four NFT collections will be available on the Sky Mavis Market: Planets, Origins, Godiverse (Artifacts), and Stars – virtual land in Apeiron. Moreover, the launch of Season 3 will introduce Main and Play-to-Earn (P2E) tokens, expanding Apeiron's reach appeal. With availability on Epic Games, Windows, Mac, and extended support to iOS and Android platforms, Apeiron aims for a broader and more inclusive player base.

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Apeiron continues to pioneer the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into gameplay, introducing the concept of Elemental Distribution. This system allows players to leverage their NFTs strategically, influencing their progression within the game. The addition of Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay, complemented by a ranking ladder, injects a competitive edge into Apeiron. Asset holders now have the opportunity to earn token airdrops based on their ladder ranking, fostering a sense of competition among players.

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Apeiron continues to enrich its narrative by unveiling a new story mode, providing players with an immersive journey into the lore of the game. As players engage in ritual combat in the Hourglass Coliseum, the story mode adds depth and context to the overall gaming experience. For those not yet in possession of in-game assets, Apeiron presents other accessible opportunities, which include the following:

  • Free Minting of New Apostles NFT: Players can engage in the game for a chance to mint one of three new apostles NFT, offering a potential enhancement to their gameplay.
  • Moku Quest Adventure: Completion of social quests provides a chance to win sought-after Axie or Apeiron assets, introducing an interactive element to the gaming experience.
  • Daily Login Rewards: Regular visits to offer daily login rewards, earning players Axie or Apeiron assets and contributing to a rewarding gaming journey.
  • Enhance Gameplay with Apeiron Assets: Non-asset holders can choose to enhance their gaming experience by purchasing Apeiron assets, unlocking rewards, tokens, and receiving an additional lootbox with each acquisition.

Apeiron's latest updates mark a significant progression in the game's evolution. With these measured enhancements, the game solidifies its position as an innovative force, offering players a more comprehensive and engaging gaming experience. The future holds promise for both seasoned Apeiron players and those venturing into its universe for the first time.

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus, stated: "We’ve spent seven years now working on our dreams, starting from a team of 28 developers who poured over six years of our lives…our blood, sweat, and tears into crafting this entertainment experience. But now all the hard work is paying off and the dream is becoming a reality. We are thrilled to partner up with Sky Mavis who share our crazy visions, and we are in for one hell of a ride for the entire gaming industry, one that will present a memorable experience for all to share and own together."

Last March, Ronin welcomed their first game studio partners to their ecosystem. Since then, they have seen many builders join their movement from Pixels to Wild Forest to ZOIDS – and now Apeiron. Step by step, Ronin is giving their community more and more unique, curated web3 gaming experiences. There’s something for everyone on Ronin. 

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February 20th 2024


December 5th 2023

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