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Apeiron combines classic God-games with Roguelike action-adventure, to offer an integrated gameplay experience that lets players control and build out their planet as well as dive into that world they created with an avatar. It is on you from there on out to further explore and unlock the mysteries of the universe, while taking on increasingly difficult dungeons with enemies around every corner.

As you can see, Apeiron is setting itself up for various game modes, each with their own challenges and goals. With solo play and guild modes coming to the game as well, which include both PvE and PvP elements. For now though, we’ll focus on the Battle (PvE) mode as that is what is currently available to test out and review.


First look at the game and its art and we can see their has been a lot of thought put into the design of these adorable little characters, which are both very simple in design but very appealing and have a massive cuteness factor. Doods are your world's inhabitants and the warriors that come from them are Apostles. Besides the characters, both the world and levels are stunning to look at and help bring the world to life. The story videos and trailers are well made and the music is extremely well done. In fact, it is one of the few web3 games out there that are paying attention to their ambience and soundtrack, a major factor that often goes unnoticed. Furthermore, the voice lines from your apostles during battle are very inviting to repeat and shout out yourself, which happened a couple of times during our streams playing the battle demo.

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So what is this Apeiron battle demo we have been talking about? Well, let me tell you and delve into it with you. There are 3 depths with each of them have 12 rounds,  including a boss fight at the end of each to close it off. The rounds within each depth are made up out of different paths you can choose. Each time you get a choice of 3 or more, and can look ahead a little bit each round as to be able to plan ahead. The levels you can choose between each round are between the following:

  • Campfire: you can either heal your avatar, heal your apostles or revive a random apostle. 
  • Shop: you can buy a variety of potions to heal your avatar, heal your apostles or have a revive for your avatar. 
  • Battle: a fight against enemies within your level range.
  • Elite Battle: you fight a harder battle against tougher opponents.

During the battle events, you’ll be playing with your avatar and up to 4 apostles. You get to choose between the following classes to build the best team per battle as you see fit. The apostles' classes you can choose from are as follows:

  • Guardian
  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Priest

Each with their own unique auto attack and special ability cards. In addition to that, your Apeiron avatar's specific ability cards are added to the mix as well, in order to make sure you turn the battle to your favor and claim a victory. During the battle, you are able to control the movement of your avatar with the WASD keys and dash with spacebar. Beside the movement and dashing you do, you’ll also be paying attention to your ability cards and potions to heal and deal damage, as in higher depth dungeons, your apostles need some help staying alive.

The battles are very well put together, all be it a bit chaotic at times where you often find yourself struggling to understand the cards you are playing and sometimes simply throwing out cards just for the sake of hoping for the desired effect to take place. This might be because the gorgeous art on all the game's cards give you the sensation of something epic is going to happen when you cast it when it is really just a control ability at the end of the day. Cards don't always give the best representation of the action it will be performing especially in the heat of the moment. Even with time coming to a near standstill while dragging and casting, one can still feel the excitement of the battle Apeiron gives its players and the quick decision-making it pushes you to make.


Apeiron is a game that promises to provide a lot of fun and entertainment to its players. We evidently had a great time playing the game and over time, players will be able to memorize the cards, making the gameplay even more enjoyable. Undeniably, the game features a lot of replay value, as players will get better and better with each play through. We are looking forward to other game modes and more content to delve into.

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Apeiron Review

Apeiron guarantees an entertaining and thrilling gaming experience for players. Our enjoyment while playing the game is clear evidence of this. As players continue to play, they will become familiar with the cards and this will only enhance the overall gameplay. The game is designed to be highly replayable, allowing players to continually improve with each play session. Once you have nailed down what each Apostle does, it is a cruise, but before that, it can feel more of a drag-and-drop card game.



Simple but very appealing character designs

Great character voice lines and sound ambience

Refreshing gameplay and replayability


Repeating depths to level up makes it feel more like a level grinder than a tactical game

Currently available demo is limited to a few enemies which can be repetitive

Card designs offer little to no help on deciphering the action in the heat of battle

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