Apeiron Public Demo Goes Live: Leaderboard Rewards Revealed

Apeiron Dungeon Demo is currently live, and players will get to compete for placement on the game's leaderboard with incredible rewards up for grabs.

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The Apeiron Dungeon Demo is now open to the public. Players can acquire Solar and Lunar Fragment NFTs on OpenSea, forge them into a Battlepass on our website, and start playing. Each Battlepass grants 1 hour of playtime, and additional Battlepasses can be purchased for continued play. Already live since January 27th, 2023, leaderboards allow players to see how their clear times compare with others in the community. The top 10 players will receive rare and powerful Divine, Arcane, and Mythic Planet Cores as prizes.

The Letrina Cup is an online streaming tournament where top players will compete in speedruns through the Apeiron Dungeon Demo. The top 10 leaderboard holders among Planet holding players, as well as a few special guests, will be invited to participate. The tournament will consist of Bo1 head-to-head speedrun rounds, with the semi-finals and finals being Bo3 rounds. The rewards for the top 3 players are 3000 USDC for first place, 2000 USDC for second place, and 500 USDC for third place. The remaining top 10 players will receive 100 USDC. Exordium multipliers will also apply to this tournament, doubling the rewards for Exordium Planet holders.

Apeiron welcomes all feedback from its players, but keep in mind that the demo is just the beginning of what's to come. If you identify any bugs, please let the Apeiron team know as soon as possible. The current Dynamic Apeiron Disciple (DADi) initiative, SUGAR 1.0, will last until the end of February with the conclusion of S4 Doodiquest. The introduction of SUGAR 2.0 is aimed to improve the community involvement and smooth out the grinding elements of DADi. More details will be provided in the #Doodaria-Herald channel on the Apeiron Discord.

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