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Wild Forest offers a unique fusion of strategy gameplay and card collection. Dive into intense 5-minute battles that test both your tactical prowess and swift decision-making.

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Dive into the world of Wild Forest, a game that masterfully combines real-time strategy with the allure of card-collecting. Battles in this realm are nothing short of exhilarating, with each fast-paced 5-minute round demanding not just strategy, but also skill and rapid decision-making from its players.


At the heart of Wild Forest's strategic depth is its deck-building mechanism. Players are constantly engaged in collecting cards, refining their decks, and experimenting with diverse combinations to gain an edge in battles. Every battle in Wild Forest is driven by units and spells, each represented by a unique card. To ensure that every player starts on a level playing field, a set of default cards is provided upon account creation. These cards, while integral to the gameplay, differ from the in-game NFT cards as they lack the ability to be traded, upgraded, or sold.

The default deck offers a balanced assortment of units, from close-combat infantry and distant archers to formidable artillery. Units come with catchy names like Wolf the Knight or Fox the Sniper. A notable strategy from our alpha-testers combined the prowess of piglet archers with Fox the Sniper. But we'll leave the rest of the strategies for you to discover!

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As battles unfold, players garner experience points and gold, allowing them to bolster their decks. Units initially start at Level 1, but with experience, they can be upgraded, enhancing their capabilities. This progression aligns seamlessly with blockchain-based digital ownership, paving the way for potential trading of decks or gold in secondary markets.

Battles commence with most territories being neutral, except for the bases of the competing players. Players deploy their initial unit to seize these territories, subsequently allowing them to construct on these lands. Unlike some RTS games, such as Roller Coaster Tycoon, where building locations are flexible, here territories have designated build spots. As you expand your dominion, your adversary does the same. To annex an opponent's territory, simply position a unit within its borders. But, of course, it's not always that straightforward.


Three primary building types exist in the game: Towers, Mines, and Barracks. Towers serve as defensive bastions, targeting and damaging encroaching enemy units. Mines produce energy, essential for actions like unit spawning, building placements, and upgrades. Barracks, on the other hand, are the birthplaces of new units. Balancing these structures is pivotal, as players juggle between construction, offense, and defense.

How to Get Started

  1. Dive into the Game: Visit the official Wild Forest website to get started
  2. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the game's core mechanics, including real-time strategy elements and card-collecting dynamics.
  3. Build Your Deck: Collect and upgrade cards to craft the perfect deck for battle.
  4. Engage in PvP Battles: Test your skills in fast-paced 5-minute rounds against other players.
  5. Stay Updated: Join the Wild Forest community on platforms like Discord to stay updated on game developments and events.

About Wild Forest


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Wild Forest

Explore Wild Forest, a captivating blend of real-time strategy and card-collecting. Engage in thrilling 5-minute battles that challenge your strategy, skill, and quick thinking.


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