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Legends of Elysium is a fantasy Play-and-Earn card game enhanced with strategic elements where players compete with each other during weekly League and monthly competitive tournaments.



Legends of Elysium is one of the ambitious and innovative card games within web3 gaming with their deck and board design. The game combines an immersive classic experience with blockchain technology to deliver a thorough single and multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. You are able to plan and adjust your strategy based on multiple factors such as the race and class of your hero, the nature of the board you are playing on, and the level of your NFT cards you own, with an extra boost if you have the game's token locked up in Mines when it goes live.

The game features powerful cards that players collect, customize and switch to fit the playstyle they like best. Cards are sorted into three categories: units, spells, and items. Units must be deployed onto the battlefield for the player's use; spells are cast on opponents and provide the methods for dealing damage; Items represent equipment the player can equip in order to improve their power, abilities, or otherwise give them a better chance of succeeding.

In order to use a card it must meet requirements such as requiring mana or land type. Each card is also categorized by rarity and can be acquired in different ways such as opening standard or premium packs, completing missions or playing Adventure Mode. Players can combine these cards using six different combinations which create decks with a total of twenty-four cards apiece.



One of the first steps in playing Legends of Elysium is to create your hero. They come from the three races of Orc, Human, and Dark Elf. When they reach level 2, they become non-fungible token assets and can be traded between players. Each one of these three races can choose a different class that boasts a passive ability which has the potential to change the tide of battle in your favor.

  • Warrior: starts the battle with an extra 5 HP
  • Archer: places an additional hex during your first turn
  • Mage: starts the battle with a random spell card in hand


The Board represents the battlefield where all the gameplay happens in Legends of Elysium. Game boards have shapes of different proportions, with special elements that appear on each one. As the game continues to develop, new boards will be added periodically. The main objective of the game is to defeat your opponent. Players take turns drawing from the top of their decks and terraforming adjacent to their lands or their units hex into a Land of their choosing. Units can't be played on any Land other than ones made by the player - unless specified otherwise on the card itself. You can move between unoccupied hexes in only one direction at a time.


In Legends of Elysium, battle is determined by a combination of individual strategy and random elements, making each game a new exciting challenge for all players. Whichever board you choose, each will have its own appearance and may contain different mines and special fields. However, all boards are based on a hexagonal template. The board was designed to be easily modified by editing the database.

Boards can be modified by the following actions, which can change the entire landscape of the battlefield and your strategy towards a certain playstyle.

  • Disabling specific hexes
  • Setting up special abilities on special hexes
  • Choosing the hex, where the hero will be based

Each special hex gives players blessings as long as they control it at the start of their turn. They feature a variety of buffs, such as the following:

  • Gives an extra mana per turn to the player controlling the special hex
  • Heals a unit controlling the hex by 1 HP
  • Gives an additional card per turn
  • Deals 1 damage to a random opponent card
  • Lowers the cost of a random card in the hex owner's hand by 1 mana
  • Increases a unit's attack by 1
  • Increases the maximum health of a unit by 1


There are five different game modes in Legends of Elysium, each with a different emphasis on PvE or PvP. The most common mode to have in a card game is the traditional ranked League mode. Players can earn points in the league mode by winning matches and moving up its designated levels. The higher your point rank, the larger the share of the weekly prize pool.

Tournament is a competitive PvP mode that will take place at regular intervals in two forms. Either as a public event or in spectate mode, players will get the chance to take home big prizes during livestreamed tournaments. This isn't always the case as tournaments most of the time won't be livestreamed and will be featured in-game to add an extra competitive aspect to the game for those who get too tired of grinding the game's League mode. To enter a tournament, players have to buy entry tickets, and depending on its respective format, the eligible positions take home their portion of the prize pool.

Tournaments usually have four systems within Legends of Elysium; Play-Offs, Double Chance Play-Offs, Random followed by Play-Offs, and Time-Out Play-Offs. Each one of them is designed for a different purpose, but none are unique in any way to Legends of Elysium as all of them are well known tournament formats to keep it familiar to anyone jumping newly into the game.


Friendly Duel is a mode in which players can challenge their friends, but they can't earn experience points or ranking points. In this game mode, winning battles do not count toward your daily quests to avoid anyone exploiting the system for easy points towards the rewards. Meanwhile, the Battlefield mode throws you into a game against other players. Your goal is to get as far as possible until you lose two lives or defeat all your opponents. This is perfect if you want to get used to the competitive Arena before participating in tournaments as well as trying out new decks you theorized and want to see their true strength against other players.

Guild War is a guild-centered PvP mode where players compete against other players from opposing guilds while representing their own. Each match contributes to your guild's glory and rewards so make sure to bring on your strongest deck. Players can also borrow cards from their Guild Vault for free, including cards that their teammates deposit there. A system familiar for players who played Clash Royale or any similar game where alliances share a resource pool to assist each other in levelling up their characters.

How to Get Started

Legends of Elysium is currently under development with its early access coming soon. More information on how to gain access will be revealed, but you can always rely on us to get you a spot if you are part of the Polkastarter Gaming's community.

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Legends of Elysium

Legends of Elysium is a Play-And-Earn fantasy project made as a fusion of Card & Board game.