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In MetaStar Strikers, players are immersed in an electrifying football world, using exclusive Strikers, in intense matches via real time online multiplayer with friends and other people.

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metastar strikers key art.png
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MetaStar Strikers immerses players in a thrilling football world, where they use exclusive Strikers to engage in intense matches via real-time online multiplayer with friends and other players. Each Striker has four base stats, including Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Stamina. Players must take their Strikers into these intense online matches to boost their stats, allowing them to perform better in gameplay.

In addition to Strikers, players can also own Stadiums as in-game assets. Owning a Stadium provides more customization options, including the ability to purchase stands, new goals, balls, and other elements to upgrade their Stadiums. Players can also assign some of their Strikers to training stations within each Stadium, allowing them to earn passive experience on their stats.

The game features two core loops: Free To Play and Score & Own. The Free To Play loop is included to easily onboard new players, allowing them to enjoy the game without investing any money. On the other hand, the Score & Own loop is unlocked once a player has purchased either a Striker or Stadium. This loop enables players to participate in ranked matches, convert BL into $MSTAR, and enjoy a range of other features.

Game Modes

In MetaStar Strikers, players need Tickets to participate in Ranked League Matches and Tournaments. There are several ways to obtain Tickets, including receiving one free ticket per day, winning matches after spending a ticket, purchasing tickets in the shop, and receiving them as tournament rewards. The Tickets system ensures stability in the number of entries into Ranked and Tournament matches and provides smoother access for spending players compared to free-to-play users. The barriers created by Tickets increase the level of quality and seriousness of Ranked League Matches and Tournaments.

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Leagues are the main way for players to progress in MetaStar Strikers. The primary type of match is the Ranked League match, in which players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels or in the same Division. Each League lasts for a Season of 60-90 days, during which players can move up or down Divisions based on their performances. Rewards are given at the end of each Season, based on how well players performed.

The game uses Matchmaking Rating (MMR) to provide the best playing experience to its users. Different Divisions are used to classify players based on their MMR, and players are matched with opponents in the same Division. At the start, all players are placed in the lowest Division, and as they accumulate MMR, they can climb up Divisions. The Divisions system guarantees a fair and fluid experience for all skill levels and prevents frustrating matchups.

Strikers NFTs

MetaStar Strikers features Strikers as the main playable characters that can be used in all future MetaStar games, with their progression and characteristics translating into each specific game's attributes. Strikers have multiple characteristics and traits, including their Visual Look, Stats, Meta Power, Striker Type, Levels & Tiers, and Lifespan.

Each Striker has a unique Visual Look, which is composed of different randomly selected layers, such as their Face, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Skin Color, Tattoos, and Hair. Strikers also have four Stats, including Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Stamina, which have an influence on their performance in matches. Each stat has a Skill Tree associated with it that players can progress through and unlock unique skills. If players regret their choices, they can reset their progress by spending BL currency.

Strikers also have their own unique Meta Power, which can range from a wide list of possibilities and have a unique impact on gameplay. The Meta Power meter fills up as time goes by in a match, and once full, players can activate it to produce a one-of-a-kind outcome. Meta Powers allow for different strategies and team combinations, and if a player is unsatisfied with their Meta Power, they can spend BL tokens to roll again for a better one.

Stadium NFTs

MetaStar Strikers introduces Stadiums as a player hub, where they can manage assets, tactics, and playing styles. Owning a Stadium offers several benefits, including faster progression of Striker stats, and a unique opportunity to show off to opponents. While players can use the default Stadium in the Free to Play loop, it lacks features compared to the Stadium NFT counterpart.

Stadiums offer two types of customization: for looks and for stats. Players can add items to different slots in their Stadium to personalize the appearance, such as different footballs, goals, stands, and grass color. They can also add special items like Trophies, which give boosts to Striker progression, including XP boost increases, increased chance of a certain stat receiving a boost on level up, and BL increases on wins. While these special items do not impact gameplay, they provide progression incentives and look impressive to opponents.

Stadiums also allow for idle training by allocating Strikers to training slots. This speeds up Striker stat progression and enables players to diversify their teams, rather than relying on a 3 Striker setup. A Stadium typically has three Striker Training slots that passively level up and grow their stats based on Striker Type and the Stadium's special items setup.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Download the Game

MetaStar Strikers is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: Complete the Tutorial

When you open the game for the first time, you'll be guided through a tutorial. This will teach you the basics of MetaStar Strikers. The tutorial is quite brief and should take only 1-2 minutes to complete.

Step 3: Play Your First Match

After completing the tutorial, you're ready for your first match. Get out there and try to win! Remember, practice makes perfect.

Step 4: Login with Metamask

MetaStar Strikers uses Metamask for wallet connectivity. Follow these steps to connect your wallet:

  1. From the game’s main menu, tap the RANKING button.
  2. You’ll be asked to connect your Metamask wallet, tap the Connect button.
  3. This will open up the Metamask app. If you haven’t downloaded it, please do so and connect your wallet to the app.
  4. Inside the Metamask app, tap the Sign button.
  5. After that, tap the Copy button.
  6. For iOS devices: switch back to the MetaStar Strikers app and tap the Allow Paste button.
  7. To ensure you are eligible for the GAM3 Quest, make sure you link the same wallet address that you intend to use for gameplay.

Congratulations! You're all set up. You can now check your Striker collection in the Team Selection screen from the menu and start scoring goals to earn huge rewards.

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