Best Web3 Games of February 2023

We cover the best blockchain games for the month of February 2023 who headlined the web3 gaming world with major announcements, game updates, and releases.

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February 2023 was packed with some amazing web3 gaming titles that are worth checking out. There were so many incredible games to pick from, and a lot of them kept us entertained on Twitch for hours on end. The diversity in genres and catering to different player bases is becoming a refreshing sight to see in blockchain gaming, with several playable games to choose from and new ones coming out almost daily with exciting footage. Nonetheless, we have rounded up the top 5 web3 games of February 2023 that are sure to keep you entertained till our March list comes around. So, grab your favorite snack and get ready to discover some fantastic games.


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In Apeiron, an innovative fusion game that combines elements of card games, roguelikes, and massively multiplayer online games, you will assume the role of a godling, a newly-born deity summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to assist in her battle against the High God Chaos and his Taint. Your planet will be teeming with "Doods," a lovable and somewhat ignorant yellow creature resembling chickens, over which you will rule.

As a godling, you will wield control over your world's Avatar, a massive construct, and unveil the secrets of the godiverse by embarking on dungeon explorations. You will also be able to acquire unique abilities and enlist Dood Apostles to accompany you on your journeys. Once you have accumulated enough experience, you will be eligible to engage in ceremonial combat against other godlings in the Hourglass Coliseum.

Apeiron enjoyed an eventful February, going live with their public demo, as well as organizing the Letrina Cup. The latter was an online tournament where top players competed in speedruns through the Apeiron Dungeon Demo. The top 10 leaderboard holders and some special guests were invited to participate in Bo1 head-to-head rounds, with the semi-finals and finals being Bo3 rounds. The rewards for the top 3 players were 3000 USDC for first place, 2000 USDC for second place, and 500 USDC for third place.

Paradise Tycoon

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In Paradise Tycoon, you can design your own personal haven on an unpopulated island by crafting a unique avatar and exploring the lush, peaceful terrain. Traverse the metaverse to gather resources and create items that can be traded or utilized to construct your dream home. With boundless possibilities, you can upgrade your beach villa and surroundings, construct production buildings and tools, or indulge in relaxation and entertainment with friends in this interactive world.

Paradise Tycoon players enjoyed the release of Alpha Snapshot 4. The latest early access phase of the game introduces significant changes to the gameplay of Alpha Island. Instead of gathering resources to repair their boat and escape, players will find a more enticing island with a new rewards system. The addition of events is the first step towards multiplayer gaming, starting with Weekly Fishing Events where players can compete for Whitelist spots for the Genesis Chest NFT mint and coupons. The competition includes various fishing objectives, and players can track their scores and ranking on the leaderboard, with updates to objectives every week to keep the game engaging.

Mojo Melee

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Mojo Melee provides players with an auto-battler gaming experience in a brand new world where players can enjoy the genre with preset customized teams. The game is set on a striking, otherworldly planet, called Planet Mojo, where ferocious creatures fight to protect their homes and natural environment from the Scourge, an invasive technological force. Players can participate in various PvP games and tournaments while uncovering a larger story and secrets.

The Mojo Bowl tournament, sponsored by Magic Eden, offered a prize pool of 10K USD, following an initial 5K USD announcement, and ran from February 11th to 12th. A maximum of 256 players participated in the exciting competition hosted by Community Gaming. Hundreds of players participated in the weekend prior as well in the game's Open Qualifiers, and the stream featured tons of exciting moments and clips from various web3 gaming content creators enjoying the tournament.

AI Arena

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AI Arena was a groundbreaking game that allowed players to delve into the inner workings of AI models, comprehending their behavior and guiding them through demonstrations. The game was centered around designing, training, and battling AI-powered NFTs in a competitive PvP arena on a global scale. The platform was designed to function as a meta-competition with two distinct parameters: Research Competition and Gaming Competition.

AI Arena Beta 2.0 brought improvements from the game's first early access stage, including a tool for data collection that allows players to switch between fighters mid-battle, giving them full control over the fighter's positioning and the ability to record action sequences. The game's simple configurations were made simpler, allowing players to decide on training intensity and focus area. Another major update is the improved process of saving the player's model, adding a "quick save" button to save a version of their model without any gas fees.


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Shatterpoint is a mobile action RPG that is both free-to-play and free-to-own. It offers players the chance to engage in both PVP and PVE gameplay modes, all set in an interactive and narrative-driven universe. In this game, everything will be reset to zero at the end of each season, creating a fresh start for all players. To excel in Shatterpoint, players must showcase their skill and gradually develop their characters to attain extra in-game resources and higher levels. The game offers various resources to aid players in their adventures, such as Equipment, Runes, and Quantus tokens, which are essential for various in-game actions.

Shatterpoint's Closed Alpha began on February 6th, offering players the chance to experience all five playable heroes, progress from level 1 to 50, and battle it out in a 1v1 player vs player arena. Additionally, players were able to explore the Regalia world in both Campaign and Skirmish modes, while discovering legendary traits and loot. The Closed Alpha gave players the opportunity to play the first chapter of the Shatterpoint story as well.

February has been a great month for web3 games, with titles like Apeiron, Paradise Tycoon, Mojo Melee, AI Arena, and Shatterpoint keeping gamers hooked. With so many innovative games coming out, we can't wait to see what March has in store for us. What web3 games are you most excited to see in next month's list? Which one did we miss from your favorite games you enjoyed playing this month?

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