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AI Arena



AI Arena is a platform fighting game, where the objective is to knock your opponent off of a platform.



AI Arena is the first game where the player can see into the "brain" of an AI model, understand its behavior, and coach it through demonstration. Players design, train and battle AI-powered NFTs in a global PvP Arena competition. In general, the game is designed to be a global meta-competition. The term might be confusing at first but this is more apparent with how Research Competition and Gaming Competition are the two distinct parameters that power the platform.

Research Competition 

During the first half of the Meta Competition, researchers from all over the world can participate by building the best Machine Learning model using AI Arena's researcher platform. Within that section of the game, researchers can easily upload their ML models and receive immediate feedback on their performance through a variety of indicators and analytics, allowing for continuous experimentation and improvement.

When the researchers are confident in their model's abilities, they can enter it into the Arena to compete against models created by other researchers from around the globe. On the global leaderboard, researchers can earn teh game's native token, Neuron ($NRN), for their contribution to the ecosystem as other players come along and use their proposed models and technology.

Gaming Competition

The second half of AI Arena's two distinct sectors, Meta Competition, gamers from around the world can participate by developing the most effective training strategy to enhance their NFT's performance in the Arena. The game is designed to be easy for anyone to play, but also allows advanced users to have complete control over certain training parameters.

While the game is simple to learn, it is challenging to master, making it a competitive pursuit that can help cultivate the next generation of AI talent. As players climb the global leaderboard, they can earn $NRN, which can be used within the game to gain a competitive advantage.

Battle Arena

Once you have experienced both sides of what goes into creating the ultimate AI fighter from both the research and gaming perspective, and if you are confident enough in your character's abilities, you can queue up against other players in the Battle Arena. Currently, there is one main battle mode, called Ranked Battle, but the studio already promised more modes will be added in the future to allow for more diverse gameplay styles and cater to different types of players.

Ranked Battle is a continuous international competition in which AI Arena players can enter their NFTs to battle and try to climb the global leaderboard. Real-time ranking updates allow players to track their progress against each other and see where they stand. The ranking system is based on an ELO score, and players holding NFT characters are matched with opponents at similar ranking levels. For simplicity, this is the same as most gamers have experienced with skill-based matchmaking present recently in the Call of Duty franchise and the ELO system is used prominently in EA Sports' FIFA Ultimate Team's FUT Champions mode.

AI Talent Marketplace

But AI Arena isn't just a game - it's a global marketplace for AI talent. Leveraging the power of Web3, AI Arena is creating a better, more equitable platform for AI researchers and players from around the world. This platform gives individuals the opportunity to monetize their skills and merit directly, creating a marketplace that rewards talent and hard work. AI Arena shines a spotlight on the global talent pushing the boundaries of AI development, showcasing the incredible potential of AI to empower people around the world.

Recent Updates

Gateway to the Arena (GTArena) Competition: Participants are invited to the official AI Arena testnet competition, "Gateway to the Arena"!, where a total of 40 million Neurons ($NRN), the native token of AI Arena, is available in this Play-2-Airdrop competition. Set to take place throughout Q1 2024, the competition is open to all. By joining a team and performing well, participants can earn $NRN tokens, with success significantly boosted through strategic team collaboration.

Neuron ($NRN) Token: AI Arena introduces the Neuron ($NRN) token as a crucial utility token for player strategy within the game. In Season 1, 80 million NRN tokens, representing 8% of the total supply, will be distributed to the AI Arena community via an airdrop. This distribution is split evenly between the GTArena P2A competition prize pool and the $NRN Prize Boxes.

Referral Competition: The referral program offers participants the opportunity to engage with friends and the broader community. By setting up a referral link, participants have the chance to win $NRN prize boxes. This initiative not only enhances participant experience but also rewards efforts in growing the community.

How to Get Started

Are their NFTs Available for Purchase?

Yes, NFT Mint Passes are available for purchase on OpenSea. These Mint Passes can be converted into a playable AI fighter NFT on a 1:1 basis when the game launches. Additionally, NFT Mint Passes can also be won through Beta Competitions.
The GTArena testnet competition started on February 5, 2024. Participants are invited to register at the event website, where they can connect their crypto wallets and select from the available teams to join the competition.  

For more detailed information on the scoring system, access and team multipliers, team caps, competition schedules, and real-time standings, as well as comprehensive details on the NRN token, in-game staking, AI Arena NFTs, and the $NRN Prize Box system, individuals are encouraged to explore further through AI Arena socials such as and Discord.   

About AI Arena

AI Arena

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