Shatterpoint is a free-to-play, free-to-own action RPG for mobile that features PVP & PVE gameplay modes and an interactive, narrative-driven universe

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Shatterpoint sets players in the universe of The Shattering event, where everything will be reset to zero at the end of each season. To compete and succeed in-game, players must show their skill and develop themselves over time to attain extra in-game resources and attain a higher level with each character for more entertaining gameplay. One thing that assists you greatly in completing your adventures is Equipment, as well as Runes that can be upgraded. Add to that list Quantus tokens, which are needed for various actions in-game.

The Shattering

The Shattering is a phenomenon that heroes inside Shatterpoint need to try to survive. The Interstice, or the space between dimensions to put it in simpler terms, is starting to become unstable, which poses a great risk for the universe. This unfortunately triggers the Shattering event to reoccur continuously, resetting everything to the previous stable state, only to shatter all over again soon after.

The phenomenon resets all non-NFT Hero levels to their introductory levels. To give existing players an advantage over new ones, everyone gets to keep their Runes and Tokens, with all collected Gear dismantled into Equipment Shards. While devastating, The Shattering allows the universe to recreate itself at the beginning of each Season with new enemies, campaign modes to traverse, and bigger worlds to discover.

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Karluq has managed to survive The Shattering. Now, he's trying to help spacetime stabilize and you are the one responsible to complete the missions at hand to save the world. This is the brilliant mechanism Shatterpoint utilizes to initiate and conclude season within the game while tying it all into the game's lore and memorable NPCs.


Player avatars in the game world are called Heroes. They start with different Base Stats and can be further modified by Equipment and Traits earned during gameplay. NFT Heroes retain their level when a season ends, but non-NFT Heroes get their level reset to 1 after each season. Players can have an unlimited number of Heroes, but they can only use one at a time. For reference, the beginning and end of each season is kicked off by a Shattering event described prior.

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To reach a new level, players need to gain enough experience points. The number of XP required to reach a new level increases exponentially with each level to keep players always working towards a new goal. Enemies give more Experience when the player defeats them than quests that don't involve combat. When Combat is involved, stronger enemies give more experience than weaker ones.

There are 5 heroes available in-game right now, and each of them has a unique playing style. Shatterpoint's character cast includes:

  1. Trevor, a local down-on-his-luck mercenary.
  2. Sheer-Ei, a genius researcher.
  3. Baynite, a fierce scavenger.
  4. Admiral Finlay Scofield, a veteran space admiral.
  5. Sha Tu’szu, an otherworldly pathfinder missionary.

Every Hero has 3 character Base Stats:

  • Strength increases damage dealt
  • Agility increases Evasion
  • Constitution increases total Health

Depending on which character you begin your adventure with, certain stats might be stronger than the rest to suit your playstyle. For example, a character with more agility would be quicker on its feet to bob and weave within battle and strike enemies in small bursts. On the other hand, characters with higher constitution can withstand more attacks and thus survive longer in battle to dish out consistent damage.


Equipment items can provide abilities which you can use with your equipped Runes to enhance them. Abilities come in a wide range of different types and strengths, so it's up to the player to decide what strategy and skill angles work best for them. They have various effects, such as increasing their strength or duration, or altering their behavior entirely. We take a better look at the different offensive and defensive abilities featured in Shatterpoint below:

Offensive Abilities

  • Weapons: allow players to attack enemies in various innovative ways, ranging from aerial slams to spinning whirlwinds and much more.
  • Gloves: set the Hero's weapons ablaze dealing extra damage, cover them in ice to slow enemies down and many more.

Defensive Abilities

  • Belts: Increases your character's defenses, reflect damage or even blind enemies.

Movement Abilities

  • Boots: helps you escape dangerous situations or rush into battle.


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Equipment plays an essential role in the game, and so it's important to find the items that will make you stronger. You can boost your main stats with various affixes or even change how you play by choosing different types of equipment. Every item has 3 different grades, and 3 different rarities (Legendary is a special case).

When you kill a monster in video games, the equipment they drop is generated randomly from several lists of eligible properties. These properties include type, rarity, grade, affixes, and their strengths. We dive deeper into what each of them means below:

  • Type: what equipment is eligible to be worn by your Shatterpoint character
  • Grade: the grade of the item defines its quality. As you level up, you can find better items of higher grade
  • Rarity: defined by the number and strength of an item's affixes. Rarity is independent of grade.
  • Affixes: various boosts that help players survive in the many worlds. They can give you more health, more fuel to move around, and more energy to charge your special attacks.
  • Rune Slots: hold Runes that enhance abilities

How to Get Started

Shatterpoint will be available on both PC and mobile devices across the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. The game is planned to enter its early access Alpha phase in Q1 2023. For now, you can mint your Shatterpoint Founder Heroes for free which give you the following benefits:

  • Future airdrops - Holders will automatically whitelist for future mints and be the first to receive airdrops. 
  • Dynamic Heroes - These NFTs are dynamic and will evolve in mysterious ways over time. Make sure to follow Shatterpoint on social for clues to help unlock these secrets!
  • Early access - Enjoy the earliest possible access to the game with guaranteed places on the Closed Alpha, Open Beta, and other playable tests.
  • Rarity Boost - Founder Heroes will have a higher probability to receive rarer in-game traits, making Founder Heroes stronger from the beginning. 
  • Unique Hero - The only opportunity to receive an in-game hero with a special design and benefits.
  • Free tournaments - Founder Heroes will receive free access to in-game paid Tournaments, special events, and future campaigns.
  • VIP Status - Access to our VIP Founders Discord channel and the opportunity to provide early feedback on art, game mechanics and design directly to the Shatterpoint team.

About Shatterpoint



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Shatterpoint is an NFT-based, Free-to-Play (F2P), action RPG mobile game built on the Polygon blockchain.