Planet Mojo $5K Mojo Melee Mojo Bowl Tournament Kicks Off in February

Planet Mojo is kicking off its 256-player Mojo Bowl Tournament on February 11th with a 5K USD prize pool up for grabs.

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Mojo Melee, the flagship title within the Planet Mojo universe, is getting its first major esports tournament. The auto-battler title was nominated for the GAM3 Awards Best Esports game, and it is living up to its nomination. The development team has been letting the community get quite hands-on with the game lately through several playtesting sessions and heavily taking into consideration the communicated feedback.

Starting on February 11th and crowning the winner on February 12th, players can compete in this exciting tournament through Community Gaming, with a maximum of 256 players able to participate. The stakes are high, with a prize pool of 5K USD up for grabs for the top players. There hasn't been any details yet on the registration link for players to start signing up, but more comprehensive information on the tournament structure, prize pool breakdown, and match timings will be revealed in due time.

In Mojo Melee, players will have to strategically build their team and outplay their opponents to come out on top. More specifically, Building your team in Mojo Melee requires careful consideration. You have the option to choose one Mojo, four Champions, and two spells to compose your team.

However, making the right choices isn't always simple as you have to choose from a variety of Mojos, narrow down your selection of champions, and select the most fitting spells for your strategy. It's a challenging process that requires a lot of thought. The Mojo Bowl Tournament is a great opportunity to showcase your skills, meet new players and win big prizes.

Make sure to check out our Planet Mojo guide on everything you need to know to prepare for the big Mojo Bowl tournament. Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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