Best Web3 Adventure Games You Need to Play Now

Our curated list of the best web3 adventure games will get you travelling around mystical worlds, slaying monsters, and finding rare loot to upgrade your character.

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Adventure games have always captured the imagination of players, taking them to new worlds and challenging them with intricate puzzles and storylines. With the rise of web3 and blockchain technology, a new era of adventure games has emerged, offering not only immersive experiences but also tangible rewards in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency. We couldn't put all of them in a list, but you can easily check out a curated library of adventure games through our Games section to choose what suits you best. Here's a look at 10 of the top web3 adventure games you need to try out now:

Illuvium Overworld

illuvium overworld beta.png

Illuvium Overworld is an open-world fantasy RPG. Players can capture and battle creatures known as Illuvials, which are represented as NFTs. With stunning visuals and a vast world to explore, Illuvium offers both PvE and PvP modes, ensuring that players have a variety of challenges to tackle. At the time of writing, the Illuvium Overworld Beta 2 is live, presenting a vast universe brimming with novel challenges, creatures, and avenues for exploration. Eager players can anticipate encountering 10 new Illuvial lines, immersing themselves in the enigmatic realm of Morphopods, engaging with the electrifying Overload mechanic, and embarking on daring expeditions into uncharted territories like the Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes.

A roster of 10 fresh Illuvial lines makes its debut, each equipped with distinctive abilities that test players' prowess in both Overworld and Arena confrontations. Among the newcomers stand the nimble Monkey Rogue, the formidable Polar Bear, Tiktaalik, Tenrec, Monkey Fighter, Monkey Empath, Komodo Dragon, Terror Bird, Penguin, and Squid Line (Stage 1 only).

The Overload mechanic adds a crucial layer of gameplay, spotlighting the significance of strategic energy management. By expending sufficient Ergon, players' drones can trigger an overload within the region's Obelisk, potentially unleashing lethal energy waves.

Sunflower Land

sunflower land.png

Sunflower Land is a delightful farm simulation game that teaches players about business through the lens of agriculture. Developed by Thought Farm, the game allows players to farm crops, gather resources, cook food, and craft items. Every item in the game is an NFT, giving players true ownership of their assets. The game also introduces players to the concept of supply and demand, with resources becoming more valuable when they are scarce. With its vibrant world and engaging gameplay mechanics, Sunflower Land is a must-play for fans of farming simulators.

As you nurture your character, affectionately referred to as a "Bumpkin," you'll witness the evolution of their abilities and opportunities. Progression opens doors to new horizons, enriching your journey with fresh avenues to explore and conquer. In Sunflower Land, a world brimming with possibilities and charm, your adventure is bound to flourish.

Phantom Galaxies

phantom galaxies key art4.jpg

Phantom Galaxies is an action RPG set in a vast sci-fi universe. Players can explore galaxies, engage in space battles, and uncover the mysteries of the universe. 

Phantom Galaxies transports players across interstellar distances, setting its stage fifty years post the monumental conflict between the Union and the Commonwealth of Neoterra. An epochal shift occurred as the rival factions cast aside their enmities, uniting against the common threats of marauding pirate guilds and an ominous adversary—the Sha’Kari.

At the helm of this ominous force are the Sha’Kari Zealots, the spiritual leaders of the Sha’Har race, fueled by an insatiable desire for retribution against humanity's encroachments upon their ancestral worlds. Their pervasive presence spans multiple star systems, instigating a dire predicament for the uneasy alliance between the Union and the Commonwealth.

Phantom Galaxies weaves an intricate tapestry of lore that swiftly ensnares your imagination, amplified by its stunning visuals. The creative minds at Blowfish Studios, responsible for shaping this cosmic odyssey, ingeniously melded the essence that propelled EVE Online and Star Citizen into greatness, imbuing the space genre with their unique touch. The result is a space shooter of unparalleled velocity, harmonizing the realms of traditional and web3 gaming.

Big TIme

Big Time guide.jpg

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG that takes players on a journey through time. Players can team up with friends, battle enemies, and collect rare artifacts that can be traded as NFTs. Embark on dungeon conquests with a party of up to 6 players, each embodying distinct playstyles, as you navigate through immersive realms. These dungeons host an array of lurking monsters, each guarding objectives that demand completion before confronting the formidable boss at the heart of the labyrinthine challenges. Your pursuit entails resource accumulation and the discovery of rare, coveted NFT collectibles.

Varied and engaging objectives await your mastery, encompassing tasks ranging from bomb disarmament and flower collection to the elimination of specific enemy types, often yielding clothing and armor pieces reminiscent of diverse historical epochs. Prior to your odyssey, the selection of a starting class shapes your gameplay experience. Pocketwatches enable seamless transitions between different classes, serving as both a progress-preserving tool and a means of class alteration during your leveling journey.

Navigating this dynamic landscape are distinct character classes, each primed to tackle an assortment of challenges encountered during dungeon excursions:

  • Time Warrior: A ferocious frontline combatant, wielding melee weaponry to unleash close-quarters devastation.
  • Chronomancer: A potent ranged damage dealer, harnessing magic to obliterate adversaries from a distance.
  • Quantum Fixer: A skillful support expert, mending allies' wounds while sowing discord among foes.
  • Shadowblade: A nimble and stealthy melee assailant, meting out demise to all who dare cross their path.

Gran Saga: Unlimited

Gran Saga Unlimited offers players an epic adventure filled with monsters, magic, and mysteries. With its captivating storyline and high-quality graphics, it's no wonder that Gran Saga Unlimited is one of the most anticipated web3 games. Gran Saga: Unlimited (GSU) offers an expansive MMORPG experience, inviting players to enter a vast virtual realm where they can assume different classes and roles, fostering collaboration and competition with fellow players. In this game, the boundary between reality and the virtual world becomes blurred as players weave their own narratives, dramas, and intrigues.

Unlike its predecessor, GSU abandons pre-written stories, allowing players to integrate their real-life experiences, thus creating an immersive environment that extends beyond the game itself. Teamwork takes center stage in facing formidable monsters and challenges, emphasizing group effort over personal achievements. Each class boasts distinct attributes, appearances, and abilities, generating diverse gameplay encounters.

As players engage in dungeon battles and traverse the world together, they can express themselves through customizable avatars and various emotes. GSU strives to dissolve the line between reality and the gaming universe, enabling players to forge connections, establish relationships, and construct their own narratives within an open, interactive environment. Aspiring to become System Agents, players compete to achieve this esteemed rank by mastering mechanics, gaining community support, and relying on skill, effort, and fortune. These System Agents, whether individuals or groups like guilds, wield potent powers that can influence the Gran Saga Unlimited world in various ways, making the journey to become one an epic odyssey brimming with challenges and immersive gameplay.

The Walking Dead: Empires

the walking dead empires.jpg

The Walking Dead: Empires brings the popular TV show to the Web3 gaming world through Gala Games. Players can build their own empires, form alliances, and battle walkers in this post-apocalyptic world. In this chaotic landscape, gathering resources and erecting secure shelters is imperative for survival. By forging alliances with fellow players, engaging in confrontations with formidable adversaries, and maintaining vigilance against the undead, players can navigate the daunting challenges of this unrelenting post-apocalyptic realm.

The game's essence is rooted in crafting, battling, land management, and social dynamics, offering players an array of avenues to establish their dominance and endure in a world characterized by lawlessness. Crafting holds pivotal significance in The Walking Dead: Empires. With ownership of an NFT Crafting Station, players attain the capability to effortlessly forge specific in-game items. Placing these stations on owned land enables the crafting of high-quality items for personal use or profitable trade with allies, effectively influencing the in-game economy.

Constructing a fortified base becomes a cornerstone of survival strategy. Building defenses against both the undead and other players becomes paramount. Additionally, the base can transform into a bustling hub of activities, as others engage in buying, selling, battling, and completing tasks on the premises to earn rewards and augment its standing.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas space.jpg

Star Atlas is a grand strategy game set in space. Players can explore the universe, colonize planets, and engage in epic space battles. With its deep gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals, Star Atlas offers a gaming experience like no other. Set against this backdrop of cosmic contest, Star Atlas promises immersive space combat and exploration. Every visible star in the vast cosmos is accessible, yet some distant ones may require proper fuel for traversal. The absence of a skybox grants players the liberty to visually navigate the Star Atlas universe.

Piloting their vessels manually, players employ upgradable scanning modules to unveil the universe's riches. Enhanced scanning equipment facilitates more extensive and thorough scans, uncovering a greater cache of assets that can be either claimed or sold on the marketplace. Equipped with versatile weapon turrets and missile bays, ships possess the capability to target enemy vessels' distinct components and installations.

Turrets range from energy to ballistic and disruption types, fortified by power supplies, shields, and hull protection. In combat encounters, adept scanning enables players to strategically target subsystems, gaining an edge in battle. Ships can also lay claim to land- and space-based installations, all while contending with potential counterattacks from these fortified outposts. A pivotal feature is the ability for players to adopt either an aggressive or passive stance, influencing combat engagements. Opting for a passive stance bolsters shields and maneuverability, enabling escape from surprise attacks without formal provocation.

The Beacon

the beacon banner.jpg

The Beacon seamlessly melds elements from action RPGs and roguelites, guiding players through an adventure in a perilous fantasy realm. This genre fusion involves permadeath and procedurally generated levels. Within dungeons, players wield a chosen base weapon, amassing upgrades during their journey and relinquishing these upgrades upon dungeon completion, whether by survival or demise. With procedurally generated dungeons, every venture presents distinct challenges, offering a fresh experience with each playthrough.

While initially daunting, this intrinsic challenge is where the game's allure resides. Each session in The Beacon heralds a new expedition, where the return to one's abode with equipment unscathed is uncertain, juxtaposed with the risk of losing it all.

Two modes beckon players: a solitary odyssey thrusts individuals into dungeons to combat monsters and hazards, with valuable NFT loot enhancing dominance. Alternatively, those who seek camaraderie can band together with friends, embarking on dungeon journeys as a party. In group expeditions, loot is divided, fostering an enjoyable, nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of cooperative gaming missions.

The Beacon's standout feature lies in self-expression, personalization, and customization, epitomized within its housing system. Through house collection and decoration, players mirror their individuality and style. Completed houses can be kept private or shared, with the latter option incorporating player residences into the game's web app catalog.

Paradise Tycoon

paradise tycoon gameplay.jpg

Paradise Tycoon offers players a chance to build their own paradise island. From constructing buildings to attracting tourists, players have a plethora of tasks to ensure that their island is the best in the world. Upon entering Paradise Tycoon's realm, personalize your player avatar—an embodiment that shapes others' perceptions of you in the metaverse. With myriad choices for appearances, hairstyles, accessories, and outfits, your avatar becomes a reflection of your identity.

Acquiring unique NFT crew members, rare and valuable assets, adds depth to your journey. These crew members undertake assigned tasks, developing skills based on your selections and advancing through levels. Matching crew members to resources and equipping them for maximum efficacy lends a competitive edge in events like the Harvest Festival.

Beyond resource gathering and event participation, the game envelops you in immersive engagement. While your crew handles crops, you're free to enhance your beach villa, adding wings, colors, or relaxation spots. The game adapts to your actions, shaping an immersive, interactive world that encourages personalized goals, both short- and long-term. Ready yourself for an array of experiences, from wild sailboat races to serene fishing evenings, all amid the captivating landscape of Paradise Tycoon.

Abyss World

abyss world key art.jpg

Abyss World introduces an Open-world Action-RPG adorned with a dark fantasy ambiance, beckoning players to unravel the mysteries concealed within the expansive Nordinian realm. The focal point is the shadowy "old tide" as adventurers navigate through this gripping narrative.

Set against the backdrop of Nordinia, a fortress that resolutely battles looming darkness, Abyss World resonates with enigmatic allure. The Shattered Lands, born from the convergence of countless worlds, encircle Nordinia, studded with potent soul fragments strewn across their pathways. These fragments are a coveted source of power, summoning Heroic Souls or "Heroes" as adventurers traverse the treacherous landscapes. Amidst their journey, players must be vigilant, for malevolent forces emerge to test their mettle.

Heroes stand as the embodiment of this journey, each Heroic Soul uniquely endowed with abilities and a compelling backstory. Former generals, archmages, assassins, and more, their diverse histories underpin distinct combat skills. Collecting and training these souls empowers players to combat the lurking darkness. Forming adept teams, based on Heroes' characteristics and abilities, is vital as players venture deeper into the Shattered Lands, confronting formidable adversaries. In battles, players must strategically combine various class abilities to surmount challenges, transcending enemy strength. Heroes exhibit both external and internal attributes, governing their combat efficacy and fighting skills. These attributes, along with unique AI in PVP battles, weave intricate decision-making, rendering mastery of combat skills pivotal for triumph in the face of adversity.

The Treeverse


The Treeverse introduces a visually stunning, top-down open-world MMORPG set within Elderwall, a city safeguarded by the World Tree. Within this enchanting realm, players are empowered to script their personal narratives, forging unique paths while forming alliances and adversaries.

Drawing comparisons to Genshin Impact, The Treeverse features a distinctive art style, captivating character designs, an exotic world teeming with perils, and an inviting atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. Endless Clouds, led by NFT trailblazer Loopify, commenced the game's development in December 2021. Tailored for mobile platforms, the game integrates social elements and emphasizes cooperative gameplay, evident in the gameplay trailer where groups of four characters unite to confront formidable foes and bosses. The Arboros continent, specifically Elderwall, forms the backdrop for The Treeverse's narrative, entwined with the protective embrace of the World Tree.

Loopify revealed in an exclusive interview that the game embraces a classless philosophy interwoven with the knowledge tree system, permitting players to chart their course within The Treeverse. This unrestricted approach caters to a diverse player base, from casual gamers content with resource collection to those seeking immersive engagement in the game's expansive universe. Regardless of one's inclinations, each participant contributes dynamically to the evolving tapestry of The Treeverse.

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