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The Abyss World is an Open-world Action-RPG with a dark fantasy theme. Players will explore the vast Nordinian realm, uncovering the secrets of the "old tide".

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Abyss World mirrors the enigmatic city of Nordinia, a formidable fortress situated at the world's farthest reaches, valiantly combating dark forces. Surrounding this realm, the reflections of innumerable worlds converge to create the Shattered Lands. These lands are replete with soul fragments imbued with enigmatic power, strewn along the well-trodden paths.

Players can embark on thrilling adventures through the Shattered Lands to gather these precious fragments, harnessing their energy to summon Heroic Souls or "Heroes." However, adventurers must remain vigilant as they encounter various banished evils lurking in their path, ready to challenge their progress.


Each Heroic Soul boasts distinct abilities and a rich backstory, having once been generals, archmages, assassins, or other specialized roles. Players can collect and train these souls to combat the dark forces that lurk in the shadows. The combat skills of each class are rooted in their unique history, and as players progress through the training period, they must assemble an elite team of warriors based on the individual characteristics and abilities of these Heroic Souls to confront formidable adversaries in the deeper reaches of the Shattered Lands.

During invasions and battles, players are tasked with forming teams comprising various classes, strategically employing their abilities to overcome enemies that may be significantly more powerful. It is important to note that a Hero's combat ability is not solely determined by their attributes, making the mastery of combat skills a crucial aspect of success in this challenging environment.

Hero characters in the game possess both external and internal attributes:

  • External attributes: These quantifiable values encompass aspects such as physical strength, wisdom, magic power, and luck. These parameters not only determine a Hero's combat effectiveness but also establish the minimum requirements for equipment and skills.
  • Internal attributes: These pertain to a Hero's fighting skills. In PVP, a unique AI governs each Hero, leading them to make distinct decisions during battles. These choices dictate how the Hero utilizes their fighting abilities and skills.
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Different Hero classes include:

  1. Warrior: Renowned for their physical combat expertise, warriors are legendary soldiers that charge into battle. They take the initiative, using their skills to draw aggro and block the enemy's frontline. With high attack and defense, warriors excel in one-on-one encounters. They often wield two-handed weapons and may even abandon their shields for offense.
  2. Musha: As masters of weapon-based combat, Mushas specialize in technical weaponry such as guns, bows, and claws. They employ cautious attacks, dodging, and blocking, and are adept at targeting enemies with weak defenses.
  3. Mage: These spell-casting experts excel at using damaging spells to destroy enemies. Mages may specialize in various types of magic, including elemental spells and weapon enhancement. Though they consume high amounts of magic resources, their abilities can often turn the tide of battle.
  4. Engineer: Engineers are scholars of engineering who rely on special magic attacks rather than physical combat. Skilled in manufacturing and equipment usage, they can upgrade the construction level of buildings within a territory, affecting their efficiency and capacity.
  5. Explorer: These adventurers possess average abilities and are not adept at dueling. However, their high luck points and familiarity with the Broken Lands allow them to avoid danger during expeditions. In battle, they can effectively throw props/items to attack enemies and remove negative states from allies.

Game Modes

Abyss World features several unique game modes, each represented by a distinct area, providing players with a variety of immersive experiences within the game universe.

The Grand Colosseum is a central city location that showcases the large-scale PVP tournament aspect of the game. Players participate in matches according to their party level through a matchmaking system. The tournaments occur on a regular basis as per community-governed schedules, and the Heroes are controlled by AI, enabling players to focus on strategic decisions and enjoy the competition.

The Battle Arena, another central city location, represents a more casual PVP game mode, where players can engage in smaller-scale battles without waiting for scheduled events. This arena allows players to hone their skills, experiment with strategies, and learn from their opponents, making it an essential part of the overall gaming experience.

In the Central City, the Hero's Gate area symbolizes the player-versus-environment (PVE) element of Abyss World. Here, players synthesize collected fragments into "Unknown Heroic Souls" to acquire new Heroes with unique attributes and AI datasets. This game mode encourages exploration, collaboration, and competition as players venture out into the world, facing challenges and strengthening their Heroes.

The Territory, a floating island surrounding Nordinia, serves as the player's base, emphasizing the city-building and resource management aspects of the game. Players can construct buildings and facilities to increase their strength and unlock new territories. Participating in invasion events and arena battles allows players to level up their Territory, ensuring continuous progression and development.

Invasion missions and events bring players together in a cooperative game mode where they join forces to defend Abyss World from evil forces. These global missions encourage teamwork, as players select their teams to face the invaders and earn rewards based on their contributions. This game mode fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie, as players work collectively to protect their shared world.

Recent Updates 

Abyss World introduces a dynamic gaming ecosystem powered by their already launched $AWT and future launch of $MGC tokens. $AWT, the governance token, plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem's strategic decisions and can be staked for rewards, including $MGC certificates, promising future $MGC tokens at its Token Generation Event (TGE). $MGC, the in-game currency, lies at the heart of the Abyss World economy, facilitating transactions and enhancing gameplay across the universe. This dual-token system aims to reward meaningful player engagement and contributions, moving beyond traditional GameFi models to create a more immersive and interactive gaming experience. Upcoming features include a credit multiplier for Gazer NFT holders and the first AW SocialFi game, further enriching the ecosystem. The Abyss World ecosystem encourages staking $AWT through its Stake2Earn portal, where players can leverage their staked credits to obtain $MGC certificates. This mechanism not only incentivizes the holding of $AWT but also integrates it into the broader economic system of the game, offering players a pathway to participate in the game's growth and success actively.

How to Get Started

Launching in Q1 2024, Abyss World offers free-to-play access with its initial chapter, an action RPG where players become "Synadi", an ancient guardian battling demons. Completing this chapter unlocks Synadi's avatar, character card, and skins in 'Abyss Tavern', plus loot boxes opened with $MGC, obtainable through staking $AWT or participating in AW SocialFi, with more details to come. For now, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and await their updates on their socials for further updates on the free play access. 

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The Abyss World is an Open-World Dark Fantasy Action-RPG on UE5.


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