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The city of Altaris has dispatched its citizens here on a mission. The Beacon that lies in the heart of the city is waning, its protection weakening. And so, you must help secure the resources needed to sustain it.

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Combining features from both action RPG and roguelite genres, The Beacon is a game that takes you on an adventure in a dangerous fantasy world. Roguelites are games that feature the following two main elements: permadeath and procedurally generated levels. With The Beacon, players will enter dungeons with a basic weapon of their choice, find upgrades to that weapon during their run through a dungeon, and lose those upgrades upon completion (whether they die or not). The dungeons will be procedurally generated so players will encounter a different set of challenges on every run.

At first glance, it sounds brutal. Well, yes, it is. This is the beauty of it all. Every time you load up The Beacon, you are embarking on a new adventure that you don't know whether you will come back to your lovely house with your equipment intact or lose it all in the process.


The single-player experience is pretty straightforward, pushing players to start a dungeon and then fight their way through monsters and traps. The more valuable NFT loot they get, the easier it will be to dominate. On the other hand, if you are a bit too scared to dive into these dark dungeons alone, you can hit up some friends and gather a party and run through a dungeon together. In these cases, the loot is divided between the group but it makes for a much more enjoyable experience and brings back a lot of gaming nostalgia for those who used to run World of Warcraft missions together.

One of the most prominent aspects of The Beacon is self-expression, personalization, and customization options. All of these are encapsulated perfectly within the game's housing system. Through collecting and decorating houses, you can express your self-expression and personal style. After finishing, you can either share or keep your house to yourself. If you decide to let everyone see your beautiful creation, your house is added to the catalogue of players' residences found on The Beacon web app straight away.

Character Tiers

The Beacon doesn't require a minted character to play. If you don't have and don't want an existing character, you'll receive a default set of cosmetics with an in-game house featuring some basic decor. However, there are three different character tiers that unlock various features within the game that add a lot of depth to the overall experience.

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The F2P tier will allow players to enjoy the game's most fundamental gameplay. You will be able to find and take home some character clothing and other items that can't otherwise be transferred or bought. You will also have a chance to win some of the top prizes every day, just for logging in and playing. With mass market audiences in mind, The Beacon aims to provide a fun and educational experience that makes the benefits of web3 clear, especially for newcomers to the blockchain gaming world by offering them a comprehensive free-to-play experience.

Paid Character

Anyone who pays for a character is entitled to all the content that F2P players have, and more. A single character purchase comes with a set of character cosmetics, a house decor package, and a number of quality-of-life benefits. Throughout gameplay, paid characters will also receive NFTs. Paid characters are eligible for showing up on the competitive leaderboard, as well as qualifying for all available rewards and incentives.

Blessed Character

Blessed players will have unlimited access to all paid features, including minting a generation-0 pet with any pet during the Pets Mint event. If they're not able to do so, they'll lose their blessed status, which also includes getting early access to The Beacon game and new releases. The Beacon characters are all just a base avatar, who other players will be able to customize by equipping different cosmetics. If you purchase one early on, you'll have a special piece of equipment and will be recognized as an early supporter of the game.


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Pets are your faithful companions, following you on your adventures. Unlike other pets, these guys are hard to come by. They can only be minted by the most powerful warriors, or those who hold a whitelist spot in other words. Pets are generated with unique and random traits that affect gameplay. When they're brought along on adventures, they give the player a boost in loot and early access to the game when it launches. A number of unique and rare pets can be bred, meaning that their traits can be passed down to the next generation. The gen-0 pet is the only one with rare and unique traits for most of these attributes, including $BCN yield, priority early access, among other benefits.

How to Get Started?

The Settlement Launch is a playable prototype of The Beacon, which you can access through here. The demo will be open to the public, giving community members an early look at gameplay. They will also get sneak peeks of game modes like Homestead and Single-player PvE. Players will be able to get a glimpse at the bigger picture the development team is preparing for the title's gameplay. On top of that, they will participate in daily activities to earn NFTs, as well as limited edition NFTs during the Settlement Launch period.

The event will be available for three weeks starting on November 26th, and ending with the mint of The Beacon's Generation-0 Pet Eggs on December 16th. Afterwards, the PvE Mode will be unavailable while we make changes to bring it up to date. Players will continue to have access to the Homestead mode.

About The Beacon

The Beacon

Venture into dungeons, defeat evils, explore the world with friends, and expand the Beacon's light!