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Big Time is the flagship title of Big Time Studios. The game is a cooperative RPG that combines fast-action combat, the collectability of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure.

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Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space. Explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations as you battle your way through history.

Every dungeon is procedurally generated, offering players precious NFT and non-NFT loot along their way while offering a special experience every time you boot up the game. Collect in-game items or hang out with friends with limitless environments and adventures that give you infinite replayability.

You can queue up with a maximum of 6 players in your party, with different play styles to conquer dungeons. Each hosting various monsters lurking around it, with objectives you need to complete before facing the dungeon’s boss fight to gather resources, find rare collectible NFT items, and earn $BIGTIME tokens.

These objectives can vary from disarming bombs and collecting flowers to slaying certain types of enemies, which often drop clothing and armor items inspired by different time periods. 

Players will first have to choose a starting class. Each player's experience differs based on the character class selected. Pocketwatches allow players to switch between different classes. Pocketwatches for each class are used to save players’ progress as they level up.


En route to conquering dungeons and slaying monsters, you'll come across challenges and tasks that require specific skill sets to be victorious and succeed - here's a quick breakdown of each of these character classes:

  1. Time Warrior: The Time Warrior is an aggressive, front-line fighter that wields melee weapons to deliver close-up carnage.
  2. Chronomancer: a powerful ranged damage class that uses magic to decimate its foes.
  3. Quantum Fixer: a masterful support class. Heal your allies, and bring misery to your enemies.
  4. Shadowblade: an agile and stealthy melee fighter, dealing death to those who stand in the way.
  5. TechBlade: a mix between the deadly Shadowblade class and the supportive skills of the Quantum Fixer. This class helps you heal your allies while also dealing significant damage.
  6. BattleMancer: a unique blend of the Chronomancer and the Time Warrior. Choose this class if you feel like going straight into the fray while also dealing elemental damage with your spells.


Defeating enemies across dungeons can provide you with collectable items and token rewards, with tougher boss fights typically stated as the secret behind the rare drops.


The game hosts a wide range of enemies from across time and various realms with large insects, robots and even a T-Rex standing in your way, each requiring a different approach to defeat and progress.

The studio is also constantly teasing and announcing new enemies and bosses to defeat, therefore the Big Time world promises endless replayability and challenging quests as the game development continues.

Game Economy

Diving into Big Time’s economy, it’s clear this isn’t your standard in-game economy. While most games like League of Legends or Fortnite have a straightforward approach where the game devs sell cosmetic items directly to players, Big Time flips the script. In this ecosystem, players have the power as the pivotal creators and traders of cosmetic items.  These skins are digital collectibles that come with a finite supply, ensuring each item’s uniqueness and intrinsic value. Equipping certain items in the game can grant players access to exclusive game areas and portals.


The $BIGTIME token is the core token of Big Time’s economy, these tokens are mostly available through gameplay. The scarcity of Hourglasses, necessary for producing $BIGTIME tokens, creates a fascinating dynamic. As the player community expands, the demand for $BIGTIME is poised to increase against a fixed supply, potentially elevating its value and impact within the game.

To understand the economic heartbeat of Big Time, let’s look at its value chain:

  • Time Wardens are the creators of Hourglasses, essential for the generation of $BIGTIME tokens.
  • $BIGTIME Collectors use these Hourglasses to earn tokens through their gameplay adventures.
  • Crafting Aficionados (owners of Armories and Forges) utilize $BIGTIME tokens to craft Cosmetic Collectibles.
  • These collectibles are then made available on the marketplace, inviting a player-driven marketplace.

Big Time's economy is considerably more complex, with Collectibles like Hourglasses and Workshops intricately linked to $BIGTIME and Time Crystals (a Web 2.0 currency). For more insights into this game's economy, feel free to visit our Big Time guides page.

SPACE and Personal Metaverse

Big Time's concept of a player base is called the Personal Metaverse, which can be expanded using Space NFTs. Players will receive their Personal Metaverse for free in the early stages of the game. and only the player and their friends can access their personal metaverse.


On the other hand, SPACE is your personal piece of the game's virtual world. It's where you can build, decorate, and hang out with friends. Think of it as your own digital playground where you can connect workshops like Forges and Armories, and hunt for treasures like Cracked Hourglasses. You buy SPACE from the Open Loot Marketplace, and its rarity and size determine how much you can do with it, from how many workshops you can connect to the amount of decorations you can place. 

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Preseason Leaderboard Event

Big Time's introduction of the $BIGTIME token, paired with a successful preseason leaderboard event, has led to the giveaway of 97,500,000 $BIGTIME tokens over three months. Participation begins with earning a point to enter the leaderboard, with multiple strategies to climb the ranks such as inviting friends, which grants you 50% of their points, alongside points for in-game achievements and crafting. The preseason phase is exclusive, operating on an invite-only basis, allowing players to extend invites to friends and earn bonus points based on their leaderboard success.


Looking ahead, Big Time's global launch will introduce Seasons, offering a fresh influx of content that is expected to last every 90 to 180 days. Seasons will feature new cosmetic collectibles (both craftable and non-craftable), special events, and gameplay content, designed for both fun and competitive play.

Seasons highlights a community-wide race to craft a unique rarity cosmetic collectible, emphasizing collaboration and competition among players. Crafting these unique items requires accumulating thousands of lower-rarity collectibles, highlighting a joint effort of the Bigtime Players to finally craft the elusive Unique collectible

How to Get Started

Big Time is currently still in its Preseason phase which is an exclusive, invitation-only phase, and getting in requires a special invite code. Here’s how you can snag one:

  • Keep an eye on posts from Big Time's official Discord server.
  • Big Time streams on Twitch often give away invite codes.
  • Look out for shares from existing players and Streamers who have access to giveaway invite codes.

Redeeming Your Invitation Code

  • Once you get your invite code, you can head over to the Open Loot website and sign in (or sign up if you’re new).
  • Click your profile icon, select "Enter Invite Code," and input your code on the redemption screen, then hit "Redeem Code."

Download the Game Launcher

  • Download: Post-code redemption, you’ll get a prompt to download the game launcher. Just click "Download" and follow the steps.

Once downloaded and installed, get ready to swing into Adventure. Choose your class and prepare for an epic journey across the time-bending world of Big Time! 

Minimum System Specifications

  • GeForce GTX 1060 or better / Radeon Rx 580 or better
  • 8GB RAM
  • DirectX 11 or above
  • Intel core i5 4430/ AMD FX 6300
  • 10GB available drive space

About Big Time


Big Time Studios

Release Date

April 19th 2022

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Big Time

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat and adventure through time and space. The game is a cooperative RPG that combines fast-action combat, the collectability of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure.


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