Gods Unchained Promises Early Mobile Build in Q1 2023

Gods Unchained is gearing up to a big 2023, and they are kicking it off with teasing the game coming to mobile devices.

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Gods Unchained managed to sweep both the GAM3 Awards Best Card and Best Strategy game awards, and the title had a splendid 2022 with tons of new features and mechanics added to the game. The most prominent update was the daily $GODS earning pool, enabling players to be rewarded for winning and hopping onto the game on a daily basis. The latest development blog showcased what the team is working on, with tons of visual and UI improvements for an easier player experience but what stood out was the mobile version of the game.

Most card games, whether it is traditional or web3 with the likes of Hearthstone and Skyweaver respectively, are available on mobile. Gods Unchained is looking to make the jump next. However, the current game user interface and code need to be completely redesigned for mobile compatibility. The team has started the process of combining the PC and mobile versions to ensure that they have the same visual and interactive elements.

The aim is to create complete parity between the two platforms, so that all updates, changes, features, and modifications will be available on both mobile and PC from the outset. The goal is to have a select group of community members test out the early mobile alpha version in the first quarter of 2023. From that stage onwards, the mobile version of Gods Unchained will be modified based on feedback to make it as seamless as possible between both platforms.

Do you want to see Gods Unchained come to mobile? What other card games do you want to see make the jump?

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September 21st 2023


January 5th 2023

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