Skyweaver is a free-to-play TCG set in a vibrant universe where everyone is trying to take control of the Genesis Prism for their own use. Will you be the one to come out victorious and save the citizens of Sky?



The card game genre in the web3 world is filled with a plethora of titles. The likes of Gods Unchained and Splinterlands have managed to cement themselves as leaders within the genre. Nonetheless, this didn’t discourage the likes of Cross The Ages, Cards of Ethernity, and Skyweaver to try their best and topple their empires. The latter specifically is an incredibly exciting title that takes the card game genre to a whole new level.

The name of the game honors the champions chosen by the Prisms, the Skyweavers. They are tasked with harnessing the energy of the Sky Source while guiding the city into a better and more prosperous future.


However, the Genesis Prism, an artifact capable of reshaping all of Sky to its bearer’s will, striked greed and temptation into the hearts of everyone. Depending on its owner’s motive, it can send Sky into an era of growth and development or destroy everything that was ever built.


Skyweaver features two card types, each with their own purpose, namely Unit and Spell cards. Unit cards, as you might have guessed, are units players can put down on the battlefield to attack or defend your hero. As usual with any card game, units played in a round can’t attack during the same round they were played in unless they have the applicable keyword.

On the other hand, spell cards offer players tons of utility to buff their units, debuff enemy units, attack the opposition hero’s directly, among other effects. All spell cards provide immediate one-use effects.

Skyweaver features a different element to other card games wherein units and heroes can come carrying their own dedicated spell cards. These usually synergize incredibly well with their parent card. These attached spell cards can be detached and played separately later on for more strategic use.


Within Skyweaver, there are six unique unit traits. Each trait features a specific effect that can switch the tide of the game in your favor once played , and particular traits go well with certain cards but not the others.

The six traits are as follows:

  • Guard: Units with Guard have a shield shaped frame, and protect your Hero from attacks.
  • Stealth: Units with Stealth have a hazy aura, and cannot be attacked unless their Hero has been damaged by a Unit or Spell in the same turn.
  • Banner: Units with Banner have a bright glow. Each Unit you control with Banner gives your Hero +1 power.
  • Armor: Units with Armor have a shield around their health, and take one less damage from everything.
  • Lifesteal: Units with Lifesteal have a pink aura around their power. When a Unit with Lifesteal damages the enemy Hero, your Hero will gain that much health.
  • Wither: Units with Wither have a purple aura around their power. When a Unit with Wither damages a Unit, it will reduce that Unit's power as well as its health.

Heroes and Prisms

Similar to Hearthstone, the hero you choose defines the type of deck you can use. In Skyweaver, the cards you can choose to form your deck are dictated by the hero and their applicable prism. It is worth noting you can combine any two Prisms in the game together, but can’t combine more than two at once. This will come in handy when you are indecisive about a certain playstyle and want to mix the two for the best result.

There are a total of five prisms in Skyweaver at the moment, and they are:

  • Strength: The Strength Prism embodies both physical might and unbreakable spirit.
  • Agility: The Agility Prism embodies freedom and individuality.
  • Wisdom: The Wisdom prism embodies understanding and being at one with all of Sky.
  • Heart: The Heart Prism embodies ‘The Cycle’ of Life, Death and Rebirth. At their best, Heart Skyweavers seek to work with the Cycle to heal and support the living.
  • Intellect: The Intellect Prism embodies the Pursuit of Knowledge and Improvement.

On top of these five prisms, there are a total of fifteen heroes to choose from. Each of them come with a different background and lore, and most importantly, a predetermined prism to indicate their preferred playstyle. The fifteen character names can be found below:

  • Ada
  • Lotus
  • Samya
  • Bouran
  • Ari
  • Titus
  • Fox
  • Horik
  • Iris
  • Zoey
  • Axel
  • Sitti
  • Banjo
  • Mira
  • Mai

How to Get Started

Go to any of the applicable links in the Platforms section to download the suitable version for you. Once done, you need to create a wallet and an account on Skyweaver’s official website. After its confirmation, you are good to go.

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Skyweaver is a free-to-play TCG with blockchain superpowers.


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