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Gods Unchained wins the GAM3 Awards Best Card Game 2022 in a category filled with strong contenders including Splinterlands, Axie Infinity Origins, Skyweaver, and Cards of Ethernity.

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The competition for each category within the GAM3 Awards has been fierce, with each game fully deserving of winning the title. Having made it into the top five nominees of the Best Card category is a testament to the quality and how far we have come in web3 gaming. Card games can be based on a variety of types, including collectible card games and trading card games.

The genre has gained popularity in recent years, with many successful titles and franchises, such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Hearthstone. The latter specifically helped shape a lot of what we know right now and pave the way to countless card games after it, especially in web3 gaming. The blockchain gaming industry boasts a lot of card games, each one trying to stand out from the rest and re-innovate the formula in the hopes of success. Some of them have managed to create compelling mechanics that leave you intrigued and curious to play more to see how all the different interactions work, and those are the ones that made it into our GAM3 Awards Best Card category.

The top five games nominated for the GAM3 Awards Best Card game were Gods UnchainedSplinterlandsSkyweaverAxie Origins, and Cards of Ethernity.  

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Gods Unchained wins the GAM3 Awards Best Card game

Gods Unchained won the GAM3 Awards Best Card title. There is no denying Gods Unchained cemented itself as a behemoth in the web3 gaming and blockchain card games world. The game provides a dynamic and competitive experience with a strong focus on strategy and rewards you handsomely for taking the time prior to jumping in to craft a well performing deck. Gods Unchained provides real ownership over in-game assets by turning them into NFTs, allowing players to effectively trade their items for real money.

Don't take your eyes off Splinterlands, Axie Infinity Origins, Skyweaver, and Cards of Ethernity as they are destined to become leaders in the space, with each game catering to different types of players. The future of the card genre within web3 gaming is in good hands.

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