GAM3 Nominees for Best Multiplayer Games 2022

A deep dive into the five finalists for the GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer Games category. Everything you need to know so you can choose your winner.

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Gaming has always been better with friends or even against other players. If you look back throughout gaming's history, even the earliest games had a multiplayer element to them. Pong for example only featured two white rectangles on each side of the screen with a ball bouncing between them. Now, multiplayer has evolved to fit PvP into almost all genres. The GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer nominees reflect that diversity perfectly, and are living proof of how far the web3 gaming scene has evolved.

The GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer nominees span everything from casual and RPG titles to both cooperative and competitive shooters alike. Let's get right into it and see what our five finalists got to offer.

Blankos Block Party

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In the spirit of Fall Guys, Mythical Games managed to create the wonderful and entertaining world of Blankos Block Party. The game pushes the boundaries of what casual games can do within web3 gaming. Blankos Block Party enables their community to contribute positively to the game's economy by creating maps and modes for everyone to enjoy.

This alone can keep you playing with your friends for hours. Blankos Block Party is definitely more enjoyable if you are within a group and just constantly having fun amongst yourselves and the funny moments that come out of it.

My Pet Hooligan

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My Pet Hooligan from AMGI Studios is probably one of the craziest and most random games you can experience within web3 games.  The game offers players creative freedom over their own experience and how they want to play the game. The core My Pet Hooligan gaming experience is encapsulated within the Interloop.

The game allows you to skateboard throughout the city, doing tricks along the way as well to keep yourself entertained till you get to your destination. My Pet Hooligan is slowly but surely adding more narrative to their title with the Zuckbots release and more content coming over the next period.


Metalcore_best multiplayer game.png

MetalCore's massive 50v50 PvP mega-battles should be enough indication on why it is one of the strongest nominees in the GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer category. You can queue up with your friends to enjoy an incredibly high intensity battlefield. On top of that, each of you has their own customized mech to suit their playstyle which allows for everyone to enjoy the game the way they want to.

Big Time

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It is safe to say any MMORPG within web3 gaming that can bring back gamers' nostalgia of grinding hours non-stop World of Warcraft-style is bound to make it big within blockchain gaming, and that's exactly what Big Time brings to the table. We personally played Big Time for hours, clearing dungeons and gathering as much loot as we can.

it is definitely one of the most enjoyable games to play in web3 gaming, and its multiplayer angle emphasizing the importance of cooperative gameplay adds a lot to the industry. The message you send in the group for everyone to hop on for a full party or making new friends from the game's servers is enough to put it in strong contention for the GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer title.


EV.IO_best multiplayer game.png

Shooters will always be in demand as multiplayer titles. Everyone trying to compete against one another for the highest rank in the server's leaderboard or just simply outplaying their opponents game-in game-out. EV.IO captures that essence perfectly, with its fast-paced gameplay and vertical movement mechanics.

The game allows for crazy highlight videos and that's what multiplayer games are all about. The ability to show off your skills to everyone who enjoys the game as much as you. EV.IO is already nominated for Best Esports, so naturally it fits right in with the rest of the games in our Best Multiplayer list.

Who do you think will walk away with the GAM3 Awards Best Multiplayer trophy? Which one do you enjoy playing the most? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

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