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MetalCore is the ultimate adrenaline-fueled battleground, where players harness the sheer power of towering mechs, engage in epic PvX clashes, join forces for heart-pounding cooperative PvE battles, explore a war-torn alien planet teeming with precious resources, and claim ownership of coveted treasures, all in a relentless pursuit of absolute domination.

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There is probably nothing cooler than riding around in a massive mechanized machine. While that isn’t the normal day-to-day activity of almost anyone of us, it is the reason video games like MetalCore exist. The first-person mechanized combat game set in an expansive open world where an all-out war breaks out in a dystopian future on an alien planet. Both sides of the war aren’t looking for anything more than power and territory control.

The game is developed by Studio 369 and published by Immutable Games, and manages to utilize the fluidity and stunning visuals Unreal Engine 4 has to offer. MetalCore offers its players to participate in various modes, almost catering to all genres within one game. The full vision of the title is to feature PvP, PvE, RTS, TBS, Battle Royale, and any other modes that would make sense to fit within the MetalCore universe.

Game Modes


What makes MetalCore unique is how it combines numerous classic first-person shooter modes into one, the Battle Zone. Each one of the three factions; Metal Punks, Gearbreakers, and The Holy Corporation, need to satisfy at least one of the conditions to come out of the Battle Zone victorious and control a bigger territory of the World Map.

The reason why we described it as a mixture of all popular shooter modes is the Battle Zone can be won in various ways. The first faction to complete any of the following objectives, wins the game.

  • Control the most tactical points for a length of time
  • Destroy the enemy base
  • Defeat all enemy units before a timer ends
  • Force your enemy to lose all respawn points

It is worth mentioning that Battle Zone is a dynamic arena that is always live. Every player enters the game with a limited number of respawns, and once they are consumed, they are kicked out and replaced by another player in the queue. An intriguing mechanism that keeps the flow of the battle always at the same pace, with everyone seamlessly hopping in and out of the lobby.



Infantry NFTs are the core unit of MetalCore, and there are  eight different classes for players to choose from. The following goes through the roles of each class and what their best attribute is to help you decide which one to get that suits your playstyle the most.

  • Light Infantry: Grunt soldiers with assault weapons and limited-use special weapons. 
  • Heavy infantry: Specialist soldiers capable of deploying heavy weaponry and armor.
  • Super heavy infantry: Equivalent of mini mechs — act like light tanks with legs. Equipped in the finest power armor and superior weapons.
  • Engineer: Specialist soldiers with repair abilities using nano-spanners to repair vehicles and structures. Can deploy drones or small gun emplacements. 
  • Medic: Specialist soldiers that have Nano-Binders to heal and revive infantry. They also can use their Nano-Binders as an offensive weapon to inflict serious damage.
  • Scout: Specialists with high mobility to excel at flanking maneuvers. Can provide laser targeting for artillery. 
  • Sniper: Specialist with long-range anti-personnel or anti-material weapons to take out heavy infantry or light vehicles. Can provide laser targeting for artillery. 
  • Pilot: Specialists to pilot armored vehicles, aerial warplanes and mechs to give them boosts. A pilot out of their vehicle is vulnerable. They carry small arms and play similarly to light infantry. 

How to Get Started

Whether you already own MetalCore NFTs or not, pre-register now via this website and you will be able to claim your own FREE Aircraft, AFV or Mech during the open Beta!

In the meantime, the studio periodically grants access and communicates the test windows for everyone to jump on during these times when the servers are up.

Minimum System Requirements

  •  PC running Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
  • Intel Core i5 Processor, or AMD equivalent
  • 8GB of System Ram
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB.(or equivalent generation)
  • Direct X: Version 12
  • Broadband Internet connection required for playing
  • 30GB of storage

About MetalCore


Studio 369

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MetalCore puts you in the driver’s seat of giant mechanized war machines to fight for resources and loot, as you and your faction vie for total domination.


Studio 369


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