GAM3 Nominees for Best Casual Games 2022

A deep dive into the five finalists for the GAM3 Awards Best Casual Games category. Everything you need to know so you can choose your winner.

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Gaming aren't always about esports or constant adrenaline rush from shooter games. Sometimes you just want to play a fun, casual, and chill game with your friends to enjoy your calm day and clip funny moments. The web3 gaming world unfortunately has its focus mainly on PvP to accommodate earning mechanisms and have a clear winner and loser. This is why the GAM3 Awards Best Casual games category highlights those who want deliver fun web3 gaming experiences for players to enjoy.

Blankos Block Party

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Blankos Block Party encourages socialization and creativity, giving players the chance to make their weekend plans instead of waiting for them to happen. The inspiration from the likes of Fall Guys is very apparent even in the characters' movement. The game offers a blank canvas for users to create all sorts of silly games.

Once you select the Blanko you'd like to play as, you are free to try out all the modes. There are many different ways to play, so whether you want to design your own world or invite other players in for a little creative collaboration, Blankos Block Party has both features available. It's an open invitation and a never-ending source of inspiration for everyone to let their imaginations run wild. This is exactly why it is in prime position to snatch that GAM3 Awards Best Casual title.

Thetan Arena

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Thetan Arena takes PVP combat to a new level, allowing players of all ages to have fun and be competitive. The game features a diverse collection of characters for players to choose from before jumping into one of its various PVP modes. With four characters on each team, team composition is key in defeating the other team.

Besides that, Thetan Arena has one of the highest skill ceilings among web3 games because it offers multiple modes and an action-packed map pool for players to master. Wolffun Game, the company behind Thetan Arena, consistently hosts special in-game events with rewards and limited time skins.

My Pet Hooligan

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My Pet Hooligan does a great job with their Hoolis, providing users the opportunity to motion capture themselves and see their movements translated in detail. For AMGI Studios, the goal is to continue building an interactive universe around these lovable rabbits. Recently, they released The Zuckbots Attack—a step in the right direction where The Rabbit Hole has more narrative for players to enjoy.

The ultimate goal at AMGI Studios is to develop both My Pet Hooligan and The Rabbit Hole to be almost endlessly replayable. This can easily be accomplished by adding new maps, weapons, and destructible environments with better multiplayer features. What is playable at the moment from My Pet Hooligan is enough to warrant its position within the GAM3 Awards Best Casual games category.

Axie Infinity Origins

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Axie Infinity is developed by the Vietnamese game studio Sky Mavis and released in March 2018. At the time, nobody knew blockchain could be a good technology for games - or that they would need it at all. The first version was just an idle card game called Axie Infinity with a few skeleton features. The game has made tremendous accomplishments since then, and some can even attribute the evolution of web3 gaming to its spark during the bull run. The new version of the game, Axie Origins, made it much easier for players to jump in and play to learn the ropes and try to get better.

Axie Origins grants players 3 starting Axies. Once you form your team with the synergies that suit your playstyle, it is time to form your deck of action cards you want to take with you into battle. Each Axie comes with its own four unique cards, giving you twelve total actions to outplay your opponent to claim the win. Although the game's enjoyment is in its PvP and competitive ranked ladder, the PvE experience is deep enough to keep you going without the need to interact with other players.

Legends of Venari

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Legends of Venari takes creature collection RPGs to the next level with highly-unique visuals, captivating lore, and entertaining gameplay. In Legends of Venari players play as a tamer who is on a quest to collect all the Venaris from across the game’s universe. Inspired by titles such as Polemon and Legends of Venari, the game follows a simple path. Players will need to lay down bait within a selected area and wait patiently for one of the creatures to come out and take it. Once they do, you get an opportunity to capture it.

For now, the Alpha version features 19 unique creatures in total, each with six different varieties and elements. This totals up to an existing collection of 114 distinct Venari. The in-game badges make for nice bragging rights as well on how early you are in playing the game, and the 114 initial Venari are enough to keep you busy for quite some time. Its casual laid-back style with its authentic art made it deserve its spot within the GAM3 Awards Best Casual category.

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