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Best Web3 Games of January 2023

We cover the best blockchain games for the month of January 2023 who headlined the web3 gaming world with major announcements, game updates, and releases.

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Welcome to our new monthly series where we showcase the top 5 web3 games of January 2023. We will be highlighting the games that have enjoyed the most special events, massive updates, and major announcements. These games are at the forefront of the growing web3 gaming ecosystem, and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of web3, our list is sure to have something for everyone. Join us as we explore the exciting world of web3 gaming, and discover the games that are shaping the future of play.


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Illuvium has been enjoying several hot months in a row, with their Arena Public Beta 2 then followed by the highly anticipated Illuvium Overworld during January. The beta version of Illuvium Overworld was launched on December 12th, 2022. The game, known for its monster collecting style gameplay, has already gained a large following and won the GAM3 Awards' Best RPG award. Many players have started exploring the game's regions, Sanctum Mesa and Crimson Waste, in search of rare Illuvials.

Overworld has skyrocketed in popularity, and gave us a glimpse of what the future holds for one of the best web3 games. January was just the start of what the development team has lined up for all three of their games; Illuvium Arena, Illuvium Overworld, and Illuvium Zero. The latter specifically went live during January as well, catering to Clash of Clans lovers and more mobile-friendly players who want to build up their land, mine for resources, scan their plot for blueprints and so much more. Make sure to check out our Overworld guide for all you need to know kick off your Illuvial collecting career.


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MagicCraft is an action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that we have been enjoying a lot lately on our Twitch channel. Initially available as a mobile game, it offers players various opportunities to earn rewards, including NFT characters and mini-quests. The game launches with 16 main characters, each possessing unique characteristics, skills, powers, and abilities. The MagicCraft universe is designed to expand and become more intricate over time, ultimately transforming into a vast multiplayer metaverse experience.

There is a clear lack of an addicting MOBA for all the League of Legends and DotA 2 junkies, and MagicCraft is the closest thing web3 gamers can enjoy at the moment to scratch that itch. With tons of upcoming major updates lined up for the game, it can only get better from here. Our review covers the good and the ugly side of MagicCraft so make sure to give it a read.

Tearing Spaces

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Tearing Spaces immerses players into the fantastical realm of Atus, where they engage in 3v3 battles against other players from around the world in procedurally generated dungeons. The game boasts a distinct and captivating art style, immediately drawing players into its immersive universe. With their Tearing Spaces Tournament in January and competitive focus, it is currently one of the more exciting web3 games to watch others play. The latter can be said for a handful of blockchain games at the moment, and speaks highly of what the development studio managed to accomplish within a short period.


Bladerite boss.jpg

Bladerite, developed by the Seeds, offers a unique twist on the popular battle royale genre. In the game, legendary heroes from different eras are brought together by an enigmatic power to compete and determine the ultimate champion. Players engage in melee combat using swords, knives, and bows as weapons instead of firearms, with the goal of being the last person standing at the end of each match. During January, Bladerite offered web3 gamers a breath of fresh air from other popular genres with its unique mix, allowing for intense fights to crown the winner.

Sunflower Land


Sunflower Land is a farm simulation game that educates players on the workings of business by allowing them to build and manage a thriving and enjoyable farm. Players can cultivate crops, gather resources, cook food, craft items and trade with other players to expand their farming empire. One of the key aspects of the game is managing supply and demand; as resources become scarce, they become more valuable due to increased demand.

The game enjoyed a fruitful January, pun intended, with Golden Egg owners finally hatching and celebrating the Lunar New Year with a special event. The latter allowed players to collect red envelopes and craft rare items that are exclusively available during this period. On the other hand, golden eggs blessed players with a golden goose for them to enjoy on their land plots and offer them free wheat to feed all their hungry flocks.

In conclusion, the web3 gaming industry continues to evolve and offer new, innovative and exciting experiences to players. The games highlighted in this article are just a small selection of the many high-quality web3 games in January 2023. We are looking forward to an eventful February with tons of exciting games always bringing something new to the industry.

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