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Bladerite is a free-to-play, cold weapon-focused battle royale game where players compete in a wasted land battle arena and battle for a considerable amount of rewards.

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Bladerite is a refreshing take on the popular battle royale genre developed by the Seeds. Legendary heroes from different timelines are brought together by a mysterious force to fight and see who will be the victor. The players of Bladerite use swords, knives and bows as weapons instead of guns in melee based combat in order to be the last man standing at the end of each match.

Game Modes

Battle royale titles can usually be enjoyed in several ways. Some players prefer going in as lone wolves and claiming victory and glory for themselves to sit on top of the leaderboards, while others prefer to work more collaboratively with their friends in squads and claim the win together by complimenting each other's strengths and weaknesses. Bladerite offers solo, duos, and their own unique Loot Mode.

A solo game is one in which players spawn into the arena alone and must rely on their own tactics and skills to survive to the end. As a duo, you will compete against other duos to be the last one standing. When you lose all your health, you will be knocked down for a chance to be revived by your teammate. In loot mode, players are rewarded if they reach the top ranks of the game at the end of the match. On the other hand, players at the bottom of the list will be punished.

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Players who win solo or duo modes receive reward boxes as a reward. Based on the rarity of the box, players must unlock it after a certain period of time. There is only one box that can be unlocked simultaneously, even if multiple are available. A number of boxes also require keys that players can purchase on the internal market. Depending on the value of the box, players usually receive a decent amount of in-game resources.


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Six different champions are available when Bladerite first releases. Each has their own backstory, abilities, and attack abilities. Players will be able to choose only one champion at first, as the other five are locked. By leveling up the account, champions will be unlocked gradually at a certain level. Champions can also be leveled up with in-game resources, and the max level for each champion is 30.

The Hero Skins are the NFT collectibles that will alter the appearance of heroes, but they won't affect gameplay. The Hero NFTs are graded either as Common Rare Epic Legendary. It is their goal to provide players with more flexibility in terms of their own experience and how they express their sense of style. The six champions, their class, and their Ultimate ability can be found below:

  • Riffa - Assassin - Cloak-and-dagger is her bread-and-butter. Riffa creates her own luck. Be invisible for 30 seconds, dealing or receiving damage does not end the invisibility.
  • Gadean - Tank - The glorious time in his life was when Gadean defended the Royal Palace from a group of rebels a few winters ago. And this is how he did it. Charge and run for 6 seconds, dealing 100% attack damage to any collided enemies.
  • Grinia - Archer - They say if one arrow does not kill the bird, try two. The wilderness has taught Grinia that nothing matters unless you catch your prey. Summon 10 arrows and press the key "R" to release them simultaneously, dealing 1000% attack damage.
  • Ironhead - Warrior - The empire of dwarf is famous for its artisanship. Growing up among some of the best blacksmiths and jewelsmiths, Ironhead has a few tricks of his own when it comes to forging. Summon an anvil to randomly craft equipment.
  • Mogaine - Support - Mogaine’s final test at the academy almost caused a disaster unseen in years. Her potent concoction unfortunately reacted to the violent material of her teacher’s robe. Luckily, her mentor, Lady Dianna, was present and cast a protective spell in the room, which Mogaine secretly acquired by watching. Create a barrier lasting 10 seconds, immune to all damage while being inside the barrier.


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Players need to first have the pattern of the desired equipment before they can craft in-game. Such equipment can only be obtained during a match by consuming resources dropped from monsters and props, and provides either attributes or active skills for characters. However, it should be noted that this equipment can only be used once per match and its durability will be reduced every time it is pre-ordered.

To acquire patterns, one can choose to open reward boxes or purchase them on the internal market. If two identical patterns of the same level are combined, they can be upgraded as well. Items differ only from Equipment in that they are consumables, which can be stacked if crafted more than once. Items inside Bladerite include the likes of meat, bombs, and voodoo doll for players to be able to heal themselves, deal damage to enemies in an area, or even have an extra life respectively.

Bladerite players will have the chance to equip any of the three artifacts, each of which will provide a certain boost to their champions. Ancient Corner grants extra damage, Ancient Silk additional health and Ancient Bone more defense. These items may seem hard to come by, but they can be found in internal market and reward boxes as well as being upgradable by combining two identical artifacts.

Bladeright NFT 

Bladerite recently minted their Genesis Blade collection, comprising of 6,000 NFTs of 6 types of Hero NFTs. The utility of these NFTs lies in the gameplay mode called Loot Mode, which is accessible to players meeting certain criteria (such as player level and owning an NFT), and allows for exciting gameplay where participants can either play with their own NFTs or be sponsored. Players form teams, compete for loot, and share it based on contributions. Recipes dropped during matches can be picked up and used to obtain equipment. After winning, loot is divided within the team, with unclaimed items listed for sale. 

How to Get Started

Bladeright is now available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Exciting updates are on the horizon for 2024, particularly the launch of the new season of Loot Mode. The season starts with Loot Mode leaderboards, offering an exclusive experience for NFT holders. In this mode, every match's performance is tracked on the Blade NFT used. At the season's end, a prize pool awaits, determined by the performance of these Blade NFTs. 

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Bladerite is a true battle royale experience built with web3 technology in mind. Enter a world with wonder and intrigue.


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