Illuvium Announces Public Beta 2 Sign-Ups; Details Changes from PB1

Illuvium enjoyed a massively successful Public Beta 1, and now it is time for Public Beta 2 with over 100 new units for players to enjoy.

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Illuvium is one of the most visually stunning auto battler and RPG games to make it on our list of the top 10 blockchain games, and their recent Illuvitars in-game utility reveal just shows how much depth the game has in every aspect. The latest announcement finally gives all the eager fans the opportunity to sign-up to Public Beta 2 while detailing all the changes made from Public Beta 1 based on participants' feedback.

One of the most significant changes is the addition of Augments, or in other words, Illuvial attachments. These powerups can give your composition a whole new dynamic. For comparison, they are more or less the equivalent of items in Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics. There is going to be over fifty augments for players to experiment with in Public Beta 2, so make sure to choose carefully which Illuvial will carry you to Illuvium glory.

If you already participated in Public Beta 1, all you have to do is update the launcher and log in using the same credentials once it goes live. If not, you will have to sign up and wait for confirmation on your entrance. Public Beta 2 still doesn't have an official date but we will make sure to keep you guys updated.

There has been tons of changes from Public Beta 1, and they have been detailed extensively in the team's latest blog post with the more prominent highlights below:

  • 106 New units. 75 T0’s and 31 Lynxes.
  • All Illuvials have had their Omega progression simplified.
  • Training mode no longer counts towards the Leaderboard.
  • Added Augments; powerful Illuvial attachments to boost their stats.
  • All matches now end in a win or a loss.
  • Checkpoints; Your progress is saved every five waves in Competitive mode

Have you already signed up for the chance to play in Illuvium's Public Beta 2? What composition of Illuvials are you going to try out first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


September 27th 2022

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