Cross The Ages Give More Details on Open Beta and Early Access Timings

Cross The Ages gave its community more clarity towards the scheduled Open Beta and Early Access phases of the anticipated TCG title.

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Cross The Ages already impressed us several times with its NFC technology and innovative in-game packs and chest mechanics to ensure all players are rewarded equally. The team's latest announcement addresses one of the game's most asked community questions, wen game? Cross The Ages wanted to reassure all early pack holders of their benefits and give a better overview of what is coming up next for the card NFT game.

The Early Access version was supposed to go live on September 23 at 7pm CET, but had to be delayed due to last minute technical difficulties. As a remedy for now, the open beta version of the game is already available for everyone to download and enjoy. The team over at Cross The Ages expect the full bridging code operation from Polygon to IMX to be completed by early October.

Once that is done, the Early Access phase will commence and the Open Beta period will come to an end. This means it will only be only available for pack owners and the $CTA Token community presale participants. Till then, you can try your best to come out on top of all the other Open Beta players and compete in the Cross The Ages: TCG Leaderboard $20,000 USDT tournament.

On another side of the card genre, Gods Unchained continues to offer players a daily $GODS prize pool as part of their play-and-earn campaign. They recently implemented a card cooldown feature to prevent players from sharing accounts or transferring decks across multiple accounts held by the same player to claim more $GODS than their assigned quota.

Have you tried out Cross The Ages' Open Beta? What is your favorite deck so far? Let us know in the comments section down below. 

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September 21st 2023


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