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MagicCraft is a PVP Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, beginning as a quick action mobile game, with numerous play-to-earn opportunities, NFT characters and mini quests within each game.

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MagicCraft is an action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that runs on Binance Smart Chain. It starts out as a mobile game that offers players numerous ways to earn rewards and features NFT characters and mini quests. The game launches with 16 main characters, each possessing unique traits, skills, powers, and abilities. The MagicCraft universe is designed to evolve and become more complex over time, eventually turning into a massive multiplayer metaverse experience.

The MagicCraft universe brings together gaming, blockchain, NFTs, and social connections to create an ecosystem that benefits all members, including gamers, streamers, digital asset owners, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The gaming experience in MagicCraft is constantly evolving, with rapid updates to gameplay, character development, and storylines adding depth to the world. Players can enjoy a quick game or a longer-term, immersive experience as the MOBA foundations of the game are expanded into a rich and detailed gaming landscape.


The Ash Vales have undergone significant changes since the war of the Lesser Gods. Once flourishing lands have become oppressive and dangerous, with ash-filled skies, dark forests filled with terrifying creatures, and poor lands plagued by bandits and demons.

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Additionally, the magical defenses protecting the Seven Pillars have failed, making them vulnerable to being conquered by anyone strong enough to claim them. The resource within these pillars, known as MagicCraft or MCRT, is highly sought after. It can be used to forge powerful weapons and armor, but it can also be absorbed into a mortal's soul to grant them magical strength beyond their natural abilities. In large quantities, MagicCraft can even bring new life into existence.

To claim this ancient power, the strongest guilds in the Ash Vales have declared war on each other under the Old Law, which states that those seeking the treasures must "barter in steel and pay in blood." Five major guilds have joined the conflict: the Fallen, the Hunters, the Keepers of Arcana, the Betrothed, and the Nightbinders. Each seeks to regain their former strength, resurrect their fallen gods, and revive their lands through the use of MagicCraft. A new era of war has begun.

  • The Fallen: They are determined to seize the Pillars in the name of the Elders, and declare bloody war against anyone who may oppose them.
  • The Keepers of Arcana: The Keepers of Arcana are known to hoard the knowledge they gather to themselves and their most trusted allies. 
  • The NightBinders: The Nightbringers have not joined the Union of Guilds to make friends, but instead to seize the Pillars for themselves. The bounty within will prove the ultimate tribute to Lunus, and they will satisfy the God of the Night through magic… or through blood.
  • The Betrothed: Whilst the Betrothed have loyally served the Union of Guilds for the past century, they have longed to return to the heights of their power, and to restore the Forested Dunes to their former glory.
  • The Hunters: Hunters are often recruited for some of the most difficult missions within the Ash Vales, and their theft of what the Empire deemed ‘their gold’ has them banned from all Empire territory. With the Pillars open, they seek to seize the powers within, in hopes of writing their names into the history books.

Game Modes

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MagicCraft offers both PvP and PvE experiences for players to enjoy. Each battle game lasts for five minutes. During this time, players must try to defeat as many opponents as possible while also working collectively or solo to complete the objective of the mode to win. If a player is killed in battle, they must wait ten seconds before they can respawn.

When they respawn, their character is returned to the starting point of the game and must re-enter the fight from there. Players earn points for kills, assists, and completing in-arena mini-quests. The player with the most points on the winning team at the end of the game will be named the MVP (Most Valuable Player) and receive a prize in $MCRT.

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There are three main game modes; Skull Grab, Capture the Points, and Escort the Golem. Skull Grab will have you running around the map competing against your opponents to collect as many purple skulls as you can, and the amount you collect by the end of the five minute game will count towards your overall score. Capture the Points is the classic mode every shooter fan is familiar with, where each team needs to control points A, B, and C located around the map for as long as they possibly can to gather points. You win by either reaching the max amount of points before your opponent does, or by simply having more points after the time runs out.

As for Escort the Golem, the objective is to push this ball into the final point located in the opposing team's zone. Players can push the ball by entering its sphere and moving with it, but the opposing team will try to kill them to take control of the ball and push it into their own zone. Players can either enter the sphere to push the ball or protect their teammates while they attempt to secure victory.

How to Get Started

At the current time of writing, MagicCraft is in its Closed Beta phase, only accessible for those holding at least 1 Genesis Collection NFTs and/or 100,000+ $MCRT. For now, that's the only way to enjoy the game. The team intends to open it to the public to join in the testing phase within the next few months, but there hasn't been a certain date yet.

About MagicCraft


MagicCraft is an exciting multiplayer PvP MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Action) blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain.


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