Google Play Updates Policy to Allow NFTs in Apps and Games

Google Play revises its policy to allow tokenized digital assets like NFTs in its apps and games, provided developers adhere to new transparency rules.

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Google Play has announced an update to its policy, allowing developers to enable users to buy, sell, or earn tokenized digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within its apps and games. This move comes as part of Google Play's effort to foster innovation while ensuring user safety and transparency.

Recognizing the rising interest in blockchain and NFTs, Google Play aims to facilitate mobile developers in enhancing their digital offerings. However, with the adoption of emerging technology, Google Play also emphasizes the need for user protection and transparency.


As part of the policy change, apps and games that sell or enable users to earn tokenized digital assets must clearly declare so. Developers are prohibited from promoting or glamorizing any potential earnings from playing or trading activities.

Google Play's Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy has also been enforced, ensuring that apps cannot accept money for a chance to win assets of unknown real-world monetary value, including NFTs. In other words, developers cannot offer purchases where the value of the NFT is unclear at the time of purchase. This includes offerings like "loot boxes" which contain randomized blockchain-based items.

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We really appreciate Google's partnership in this collaborative effort to bring about innovation in this space and move these new economies forward. We think these new policies are steps forward for both players and developers alike and will positively impact the adoption of new technology while also protecting consumers.

John Linden, CEO, Mythical Games

Google Play remains committed to supporting developers in building sustainable businesses using blockchain technology and will continue to engage with them to understand their challenges and opportunities. As part of their future endeavors, the company is discussing improving their support of blockchain-based app experiences, including in secondary markets.

On the other hand, we have seen Apple impose its 30% commission cut. This means that all NFTs sold must be done so in the form of in-app purchases. Not only that, it is evidently harder to go through Apple's guidelines than Google, making it a more appealing destination. A number of prominent web3 games have been taking the spotlight on Google's Play Store; Cross The Ages, Planet Mojo, Fableborne, Metastar Strikers, and many more.

Mobile web3 gaming is definitely one of the fastest-growing sectors and the easiest to get to. Google's latest move might leave Apple considering a more lenient approach to adopting NFTs and push web3 gaming front and center on its App Store.

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October 21st 2023


July 12th 2023