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Fableborne is an isometric play-to-own multiplayer game where you embark on a journey to explore the Shatterlands.

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As an isometric free-to-play and play-to-own multiplayer game, Fableborne combines Action RPG and Base Building with unique twists, redefining accessibility for mobile games and challenging what competition in short snackable sessions means. Throughout the rich story and venture into the Shatterlands, a realm torn apart by a mysterious event that tore the world apart, you are challenged to compete against other players for gold and glory.

There is an incredible amount of beauty and danger in The Shatterlands. The Esperwood, a gigantic ethereal tree born from the cataclysmic end of an era, floats in the middle of a multitude of suspended islands. The Esperwood is a deified entity with terrifying power and arcane purpose. As the Fableborne, players can unlock and upgrade powerful Heroes to use in asynchronous player-versus-player battles against other players' islands, or to hone their skills in player-versus-environment boss battles. The game is free-to-play, with the option to purchase additional content.



To protect the world from the various dangers that threaten it, four powerful Factions were formed. Each Faction adopted its own set of principles and beliefs, and used them to build strong states and countries that governed many islands. However, some members of these Factions became too ambitious and put their desire for knowledge and power above the safety of the realm.

  • United Tribes of Khalkalann: These shamanic tribes were brought together by the legendary chieftain Ogokhan, who established his seat of power in the island of Khalkalann.
  • Commonwealth of Industraea: For all their knowledge and wealth, the people of Industraea were born with an inability to connect to the very elements that make up the Shatterlands.
  • Kingdom of Arandraxis: Noble Banner Lords and Ladies have banded together, representing the realm's hunger for unity, by any means necessary.
  • Subjects of Malanwe: The religious people of Malanwe answer to no one but to the Hand of their God-queen. Each finger represents one of the five great houses, each of which pursues a different approach to a common goal; the acquisition and understanding of knowledge regarding the divine.



In Fableborne, players can control Echoes of the fabled heroes of the Shatterlands during Raids. These Echoes are fragmented copies of the original Heroes, and can be collected and upgraded by players. Each Echo is unique and can be customized through the player's choices, skill, and investment of time and resources.

Fableborne players can empower their Echoes in various ways, and the tactical use of the right Echo with the right combination of Talents will be crucial for victory. The Echoes are NFT characters that are part of a collection that can be upgraded in a rogue-lite system, allowing for almost limitless customization. Since Echoes are incomplete copies of fabled Heroes, each Echo is unique and can have different Attributes and Talents.

In addition to Echo's Basic Attack, which can be used continuously, the player can unlock one Special Ability and one Ultimate Ability for their individual Echo, both of which have a cooldown and need to be used wisely. When Echoes are upgraded, players unlock Talents, which are passive traits that enhance the Echoes' Attributes, such as Hit Points or Movement Speed, or give them direct upgrades, such as increasing Attack Speed, Critical Damage, or Duration of Status Effects.

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Fableborne's Kiara Ultimate Ability

Every Echo has a pre-generated list of Talents, but the order of these Talents is randomized. Players must choose the right Talents to build an Echo that fits their playstyle. There are different types of Talents: some unlock active Abilities, some modify and increase the effectiveness of active Abilities, and others provide incremental Attribute increases. Talents come in different Levels and Rarities.

When a player obtains the same Talent again, it will level up and increase in power. Each Talent also comes in multiple Rarities, with higher Rarities providing greater power boosts. If a player obtains the same Talent in a higher Rarity, all previously selected Talents of that kind will automatically be adjusted to the highest Rarity.


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When players enter the game, they become Fableborne, a mysterious being exploring the broken realm of the Shatterlands, which was created by a cataclysmic event. New players start with a starting island floating in the sky and an Echo of common rarity. They must explore the Twisting Aether, upgrade their Echoes, and discover new islands. These islands can be either empty or occupied by other players or NPCs.

Players must raid both types of occupied islands to progress in Fableborne. When they challenge other players in player-versus-player battles, they must attack their opponent's base, counter defensive structures, evade traps, and face off against monsters. One important structure in each floating base is the Heart of the Island, which represents the island's life.

Players can raid other players' islands and reap their resources once the island's defenses are weakened. This helps to improve their overall ranking in the game. If they choose to raid an NPC island, they can participate in a player-versus-environment adventure that consists of multiple stages of increasing difficulty, ending in a boss battle. Players can earn various rewards by completing these PvE challenges, including resources and new Echoes.

Fableborne Primordials NFTs 

Fableborne introduced its first NFT collection, Primordials, providing holders with several utilities. Holders accumulate "Primordial Essence" through airdrops the longer they retain their NFTs, which can be exchanged for chests containing Fableborne Artifacts. Upon collecting all 8 artifacts, holders are awarded an exclusive in-game NFT with a limited supply. Moreover, holders have the opportunity to unlock exclusive in-game cosmetic NFTs, receive early access to closed playtests and Pixion League events, secure spots on the allowlist for future mints

How to Get Started

Fableborne is currently still in development, but Pixion has already conducted a series of alpha testings letting players get their first hands-on experience with the game. To participate in upcoming closed alpha tests, head over to the Fableborne website and click on "Sign up". 

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Raid real players, defend your base and fight amongst heroes, while you embark on a journey to explore the Shatterlands.


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