Earn Mocaverse Realm Points in Nine Chronicles M

Discover how to earn Mocaverse Realm Points (RP) in Nine Chronicles M as Animoca Brands forges new partnerships.

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In a strategic move to bolster its position in the web3 gaming industry, Animoca Brands' Mocaverse membership project has introduced a new mission within the popular PC and mobile RPG, Nine Chronicles M. This initiative allows users to earn Moca Realm Points (RPs), capitalizing on the momentum gained from its recently announced partnerships with South Korean game and music producers. 

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Major Partnerships

Mocaverse, the marquee growth network with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems seeded by Animoca Brands, announced just last week it entered into various partnership agreements.

The strategic expansion of Mocaverse Partner Network in the South Korean market aims bridge, integrate, and export Korean web3 culture through a multi-partner activation plan in key sectors including K-pop, digital IP, GameFi, and others. The activation plan will begin this week.

Through Moca ID, Mocaverse’s on-chain identity system for web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment, holders will be able to access a curated catalog of experiences provided in partnership with some of Korea’s biggest brands including:

(1) Cube Entertainment, the digital IP platform IPX formerly known as LINE Friends.

(2) Leading Korean web3 gaming studios Planetarium Labs and creator of Nine Chronicles M.

(3) Gomble Games, the mobile game powerhouse with over 300k global downloads.

(4) Bellygom, the flagship NFT initiative launched by LOTTE Group (Daehong Communication), South Korea’s fifth-largest conglomerate, with operations in manufacturing, hotels and e-commerce. 


Nine Chronicles M

Commencing on Thursday, February 29th, players have the opportunity to accumulate 80 RP simply by linking their Moca IDs through Nine Chronicles M's dedicated portal. The reward system further extends for dedicated players who manage to progress to Stage 120, as they can claim an additional 100 RP. For those seeking to maximize their RP earnings, a substantial 210 RP awaits those who successfully defeat the Stage 200 boss.

Earn Mocaverse Realm Points (RP) in Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles, originally released in 2021 as a PC-based game, successfully transitioned to mobile platforms in November 2023 with the launch of Nine Chronicles M. Notably, the game operates on Planetarium's blockchain, Heimdall, offering players a fully onchain experience. Since its mobile debut, the game has garnered over 250,000 downloads, boasting 44,000 daily active unique wallets and a substantial monthly user base exceeding 100,000.

Enthusiasts can play with Nine Chronicles M on various platforms, including the Google Play store and Apple App Store. Additionally, a PC version is available through the Nine Chronicles website, catering to a diverse gaming audience.

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As Animoca Brands continues to expand its partnerships, the integration of Moca RP rewards within Nine Chronicles M serves as a strategic move to foster user engagement and enhance the overall gaming experience. Players are encouraged to seize this opportunity to not only enjoy the immersive world of Nine Chronicles M but also reap the rewards offered through the Mocaverse RP system.

Nine Chronicles M is available via Google Play and Apple App Store, and a PC version via Nine Chronicles‘ website.

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March 1st 2024


March 1st 2024

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Eliza Crichton-Stuart author picture}

Eliza Crichton-Stuart

Head of Operations