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Genopets are your digital pet whose evolution and growth are inextricably linked to your own. The steps you take every day power your journey through the Genoverse as you explore, battle, and evolve.

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Genopets is a game that gamifies an active lifestyle. It tracks your steps and rewards you for staying active, whether you are walking around the mall, jogging at the gym, or running between meetings. Genopets is a move-and-earn blockchain game that encourages you to build a bond with your digital companion and take care of it by taking care of yourself. The game can be played passively as you accumulate steps throughout the day, as long as you own a pet and have the app activated on your mobile device.

Genopets is inspired by the nostalgia of caring for virtual pets like Tamagotchi or evolving and battling Pokémon, and aims to create an emotional connection between the player and their pet to motivate players to live a more active lifestyle. Players must bank their steps before midnight each day to receive rewards for their daily activity. This passive gameplay and focus on self-care replaces the need for traditional mobile game grinding with the goal of building better habits through gamification. The act of recognizing and rewarding consistent effort is designed to encourage self-care and the development of better habits.

Genopet NFTs

In Genopets, players care for, train, and play with digital pet companions to encourage themselves to be more active. As players accumulate steps, their Genopet will level up and evolve, gaining Energy and XP. XP is a measure of a Genopet's rarity, tracked through NFT metadata. The higher a Genopet's level and XP, the more powerful and rare it becomes. Minigames that involve feeding, playing with, and showing affection for the Genopet can improve its mood and increase its Energy banking efficiency, providing both practical and nurturing motivation for players.

Genopets have different stages and levels that track their maturity, evolution, and (in the future) combat strength. The stage determines a Genopet's size, appearance, and attributes such as its step efficiency rating. A level is a measure of a Genopet's progress within a stage. Genopet evolution consists of 12 stages and 78 levels of growth.

Players can increase their Genopet's level by converting Energy to XP at a rate of 1:1. Once converted, the XP is applied towards level progression. XP cannot be traded, bought, or sold and is only used to track a Genopet's progress. A certain number of levels must be reached before the Genopet can evolve to the next stage. For example, a Stage 1 baby Genopet will evolve to Stage 2 only after reaching Level 8. Each stage represents a significant milestone in the Genopet's evolution and is accompanied by a change in appearance and size.

Energy is gained through the following actions:

  • Perform Nurture actions (e.g., Feeding, Grooming, Playing)
  • Level up (by converting E into XP)
  • Harvest KI (by converting E into KI with a Habitat)
  • Alchemize (Craft) items and augments (in the form of KI)


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A Habitat in Genopets represents the terrarium home of a Genopet. From a gameplay perspective, Habitats unlock premium features for players who want additional ways to enjoy the game. Unlike many other NFTs, Habitats are not pre-designed and are generated procedurally at the time of minting (Terraforming). This means that no two Habitats are exactly the same and each one is a unique piece of art and function.

As a Habitat-holder, a player aligns their interests with those of Genopets' governance-rights holders in order to see continued and sustainable growth. There are three kinds of Habitats currently in existence:

  • Genesis Habitats - these were the first class of Habitats ever created and have special advantages, such as the ability to Refine Genotype Crystals of any element and higher KI Harvesting caps.
  • Regular Habitats - these are standard Habitats that are Terraformed by other Habitats.
  • Guild Habitats - these are a special class of Habitats designed specifically for player-guild use. These Habitats cannot be traded in marketplaces and were originally sold to Guild partners to support the growth of the Economy.

Habitats can be upgraded to three levels in order to increase their utility. By leveling up, Habitats are able to produce more unrefined crystals, increase their crafting capacity, and Harvest more KI per day. However, upgrading Habitats comes with costs and should be treated as a strategic decision by the player.

When a Habitat is upgraded, its current Durability is increased by 90. This allows the player to Repair the Habitat an additional 90 times before it goes into Dormancy. This benefit is only applied once per upgrade (e.g., when upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2, or from Level 2 to Level 3).

How to Get Started

At the moment, Genopets is still in closed early access, and the only way to get in is to receive a direct invite code after registering on the game's website. However, with the latest update, personal referral invite codes have been added to the application so existing players can share Genopets' access with their friends.

Once you have received the code and hopped on, you will answer a series of personality questions that will subsequently reflect on the Genopet you receive. On the other hand, you can pick up a Genopets NFT or a Habitats NFT from Magic Eden and other supported NFT marketplaces.

About Genopets


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Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle.


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