Genopets Habitats Are Live; Pushes for Player-Created Economy

The Habitat Management Portal goes live in Genopets allowing players to become Merchants and grow valuable resources for trading.

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he move-to-earn trend has been alive for quite some time now in web3 gaming, but few has been able to do it successfully. One of the first to take a unique spin on the sports and move-to-earn genre was Genopets, allowing players to have Pokemon-like creatures that grow with their progression and activity in-game. Genesis Genopets holders were able to redeem habitants, and now the team has revealed how important they will be moving forward for the future of the game.

Player-created economy is a concept popularized by games like EVE Online and Star Citizen, but we have yet to see it truly succeed in web3 gaming. Genopets is giving its community the chance to become creators through their habitants, allowing them to take advantage of in-demand resources that other active players need to continue progressing through the game.

The core gameplay element of Genopets is promoting a healthier lifestyle through gamifying the experience, but there are usually consumables needed to keep you going. Now, the normal way to do it is to buy them through the marketplace or from the store directly, but what if habitants enabled players to provide these resources at the price they see fit. This concept is explained more in detail in the image below for how a player-created economy impacts Genopets.

Habitants will allow players to become Merchants. This means you will be able to produce Crystals, Augments, and other items. All of these produced resources can be freely traded on the marketplace at the price you see fit.

When you play Genopets, you get the satisfaction of watching your pet grow as you battle, explore, and evolve together, and doing so can increase its value over time. Habitats grant you the opportunity to contribute to the economy as a Merchant — you are the supplier. You get to produce the Habitats, Crystals, Augments, and most other items players will need to progress more quickly in the game.

What do you think of the new Habitants utility in the world of Genopets? Do you like being more of a Merchant or a Trainer? Let us know your thoughts on the new experience Habitants give its players in the comments below.

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September 21st 2023


August 13th 2022

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