Everything We Know So Far About Shrapnel: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide on everything we know so far about one of the most anticipated web3 games, Shrapnel.

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Game Overview

Shrapnel is not just a game; it's a revolution in the gaming industry. With its unique blend of competitive multiplayer FPS, blockchain technology, and player empowerment, Shrapnel is set to redefine the gaming landscape. Here's everything you need to know about the Most Anticipated GAM3 Awards winner of 2022:

The Game: Earth Fall and The Sacrifice Zone

In the world of Shrapnel, the year 2038 witnessed a catastrophic event when the asteroid 38 Sigma collided with the moon. This Lunar-Impact Event (LIE) led to the formation of Saturn-like rings around the moon, bombarding Earth with lunar meteorites. A 500-kilometer-wide band, known as the Sacrifice Zone (The Zone), was evacuated and designated as a no-man's land.

The Zone, rich in fragments of the asteroid called Shrapnel, became a battleground for mercenaries extracting valuable materials like rhodium, iridium, and platinum. The discovery of Compound Sigma, a material that allows quantum mechanics behaviors to manifest in the classical physics realm, further escalated the conflict.

Gameplay: Extraction, Gear, and Classes

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Earth Fall and The Sacrifice Zone

The game's setting revolves around the aftermath of a massive Lunar-Impact Event (LIE) in 2038, where the asteroid 38 Sigma collided with the moon. This event led to the formation of the Sacrifice Zone (The Zone), a 500-kilometer-wide band on Earth, rich in fragments of the asteroid called Shrapnel. The Zone became a battleground for Mercenary Extraction Forces (MEF), extracting valuable materials and fighting for control over Compound Sigma, a mysterious substance with quantum properties.

Extraction Style: High-Stakes and Multi-Stage

In 2040, scientists discovered that material refined from Shrapnel allows behaviors that occur in quantum mechanics to manifest into the realm of classical physics. This discovery led to massive MEF wars, as the potential of Compound Sigma became more known. VALDACHA CORP. (V-Corp) cornered the market for this new lucrative tech, resulting in a fierce fight that continues to rage in 2044.

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The World is Yours: Play It, Build It, Discover It

Shrapnel offers a world where each match is tense, brutal, and fair. Players must choose when to flee with their loot and when to double down and battle in increasingly competitive extraction events. The game's extraction style focuses on high-stakes, multi-stage session events that encourage risk-taking and reward skill.

  • Play It: Engage in intense and fair matches, where survival is key, and strategic gameplay is essential.
  • Build It: Utilize a powerful set of creation tools to build the experience you want to play, from vanity items to weapon skins and maps.
  • Discover It: Explore an ever-expanding collection of NFTs for in-game use, discovering the best vanity items and maps in the creator ecosystem.

Gear Up & Fight: Survival and Strategy

The rules of Shrapnel are simple: Survive. The game's extraction style emphasizes survival, where players must strategically combine and craft different pieces of gear to customize and optimize their loadouts. The high-stakes, multi-stage nature of the game adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Gear and Crafting: Customize and Optimize

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Extraction Style: High-Stakes Gameplay

Shrapnel focuses on extraction, a high-stakes, multi-stage session event that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill. Players must carefully select their gear and craft it to suit their playstyle, whether they choose to flee with their loot or double down and battle in increasingly competitive extraction events.

Gear Customization: Combine and Optimize

Players have the freedom to combine and craft different pieces of gear, allowing them to customize and optimize their loadouts. This customization adds depth to the gameplay, enabling players to create unique strategies and adapt to various challenges within the game.

Skin Creation: Personalize and Profit

Shrapnel offers players the ability to create their custom skin for an object, mint it into an NFT, and list it for sale on the marketplace. This feature allows players to personalize their gear and even profit from their creations, adding an economic dimension to the gameplay.

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Map Creation: Build Your Battlefield

Players can create their maps using both Shrapnel-provided base assets and prefabricated assets. These tools offer a jump-start on creating high-quality content, allowing players to build their battlefields and enhance the gameplay experience.

Community Engagement: Creations, Contributions, and Reputation

Shrapnel emphasizes community engagement, allowing players to cultivate comprehensive community personas based on their creations, contributions to the community, and reputation. This interconnected ecosystem fosters creativity and collaboration, making gear and crafting an integral part of the Shrapnel experience.

The Studio: Award-Winning Team

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Industry Experts

The Shrapnel team is comprised of industry experts from AAA games and blockchain projects. Headquartered at waterfront offices in mossy Seattle, WA, the studio is a unique blend of designers, producers, artists, and programmers working at the nexus of games, television, movies, and graphic novels. Collectively, they have produced some of the biggest franchises in entertainment.

Shrapnel History: BAFTA and Emmy Award-Winning Talent

Spun out from HBO, the Shrapnel team is the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning talent behind notable franchises such as HALO, Call of Duty, Madden NFL, Bioshock, Destiny, Star Wars, Hawken, Skylanders, Westworld, and over 30 more titles. Members of this team have directly contributed to winning more than 40 entertainment awards, including a few EMMYs and a BAFTA, reaching over 100 million fans.

Shrapnel Vision: The Next Industry-Defining FPS Franchise

Shrapnel has the potential to be the next industry-defining FPS franchise for a massive generation of players. As the first competitive multiplayer FPS that allows players to create, own, and trade their Player-Created Content, Shrapnel aims to revolutionize the gaming industry.

An Experienced Squad: Meet the Team

The Shrapnel team is a diverse and experienced squad that values teamwork, self-awareness, action, and community ('Ohana). They believe in the following principles:

  • Team-First: Success or failure as a unit.
  • Self-Awareness: Accountability to produce results.
  • Bias for Action: Failing fast and learning from failures.
  • 'Ohana: Recognizing that it takes a village to succeed.

Economy and Token: True Ownership and Community Engagement

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True Ownership: Blockchain and Crypto-Based Assets

Shrapnel leverages blockchain and crypto-based assets to transform the gaming industry, allowing players to have true ownership of the platform. By retracting ownership from the platform and giving it to players, with visibility on-chain, players can receive attributions for creation, curation, and game interaction.

SHRAP Token: The Currency of Shrapnel

The SHRAP token is the native currency of Shrapnel, designed to facilitate various in-game activities. It plays a vital role in promoting content, trading NFTs, and engaging with the community.

Creating: Pre-Seeded Marketplace

To make it easy for anyone to create high-quality, game-ready content, Shrapnel will pre-seed the Marketplace with a collection of assets. These assets offer creators a jump-start in making their vanity items, enhancing the creative ecosystem.

Trading: Minting and Listing NFTs

Once a player has created something, they can mint it as an NFT and list it on the Marketplace. This process allows players to trade their creations, fostering a dynamic and thriving in-game economy.

Promoting: Impact Discoverability

Anyone, including Player-Created Content (PCC) owners, can use SHRAP to promote any map or vanity item to impact its discoverability. These promoters receive a portion of the content's performance rewards, incentivizing community engagement.

Discovery: Staking and Earning Rewards

The SHRAPNEL discovery system is designed around community members staking SHRAP to promote NFTs, then earning promotion rewards based on NFT performance. This mechanism encourages active participation and collaboration within the community.

The Operators NFT Collection: Exclusive Content

Shrapnel presents the Operators NFT Collection, featuring characters from their standalone comic series. Collecting each Operator grants access to the comic for that character, along with additional utility defined over time. This collection adds a unique layer to the game's economy, offering exclusive content and experiences.

Shrapnel is more than a game; it's a movement that combines competitive gaming, player creation, true ownership, and community participation. With its innovative approach and a dedicated team behind it, Shrapnel is poised to redefine the gaming industry and become a part of the shift in direction towards web3 gaming.

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