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In SHRAPNEL, players are tasked with finding and extracting valuable resources, resulting in a tense, high-stakes, competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill.

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The web3 gaming scene has an abundance of first-person and third-person shooters, with Undead Blocks, EV.IO, MetaOps, and many others leading the genre. This doesn’t mean there is no room for one more that can blow everyone away. Shrapnel steps in with a lot of inspiration from Tom Clancy’s The Division and promises to offer an unparalleled moddable AAA FPS game entirely on chain, using new capabilities to empower players to collectively own the game and its future roadmap.

From the very beginning, Shrapnel has been vocal about offering its community a rich set of player-creation tools, combining combat, creation, curation, and connection into a community where players own the platform and act as an endless content pipeline for the game. In essence, this offers Shrapnel endless replayability as user-generated content backed by a strong community of creators can go a long way.

The Zone

Shrapnel pits players against each other in The Zone, where they fight over who can reach and extract the various valuable resources found around the area. Considering the importance of your mission, it is only natural for everyone to be hostile on sight. Prior to entering The Zone, you will be able to kit out your Operator with the necessary equipment, weapons, and loadout to complete the extraction.

It is not as easy as it sounds as you might never see any of the gear you have equipped on your character again. Shrapnel offers all its gear components as NFTs, and the gear you begin the game with is lost once you die during the match. It is not as easy as it sounds because even after the kill, the loot isn’t fully secured yet.

The loot is yours to keep only after you have successfully kept it with you all the way through the match and took it with you to the extraction point. This makes you think twice before committing to any challenge or any enemy encounter you have in Shrapnel.


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Players can choose one of three Operator classes: Assault, Survivalist, or Infosec. Each one of them boasts a unique set of special abilities that can come in handy during battle. Depending on your playstyle, you can select the closest class to your preference and adjust it accordingly with the diverse equipment and gear available at your disposal.

Four main elements will decide the strength of your operator; Weapons, Armor, Consumables, and Technology. The below list breaks down each into more detail:

  • Weapons: Players may disassemble weapons for parts that they can use to craft customized weapons
  • Armor: Armor provides defensive bonuses as well as utilities. Can choose armor from different sets.
  • Consumables: These single-use items, such as grenades and med kits, are not tokenized, so they are not tradable with other players. 
  • Technology: Night-vision goggles, information-gathering devices, and other technological advancements assist players but are not consumed on use.

How to Get Started

Shrapnel is currently still under development and more information will be released soon on the exact dates on when to expect closed alpha and beta access.

About Shrapnel


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SHRAPNEL, the world’s first blockchain-enabled first-person shooter (FPS) game.


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