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Nitro League, an immersive racing world, is the ultimate combination of GameFi, DeFi, and NFT. Nitro League facilitates ownership, customization, collection, and trade for unique NFT cars and parts. Players may hone their racing skills and earn rewards for their performance.

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Nitro League is a virtual racing world that combines the excitement of gaming with the innovation of blockchain technology for an overall better experience accompanied by the creativity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its virtual economy allows players to own, customize, collect, and trade unique NFT cars and parts. In addition to racing, players can also earn rewards for their on-track performance and compete to become the ultimate racer in the Nitro League. 

Nitro League is the perfect destination for not only racing enthusiasts, but artists and creators who are looking to experience the thrill of the track and super fast cars by contributing to the game's vibrant creator economy. In Nitro League, players have the ability to purchase virtual land and buildings, as well as build and customize their own cars. The game features a fully functional economy that allows players to grow their guilds and empires by acquiring and managing virtual assets.

The Garage

The Garage is the first feature released by Nitro League, and it serves as a customizable and personalized space where players can access their Car Pods and manage their in-game assets and NFTs. It offers daily rewards and the ability to customize and upgrade vehicles to improve performance in competitions. The Garage allows players to showcase their Nitro Assets in parking slots and includes additional display areas for car parts and trophies.

It includes inventory space for storing undisplayed items, which can be accessed through a menu option. While the Garage has a capacity of up to 6 cars on display, there is no limit on the number of cars or items that a player can hold in their inventory. However, the free Garages can only showcase up to 3 cars, which is what is given to all players once they kick off their career.

Car Parts Modification

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Depending on the car's build, traits, and upgrades, some cars will perform better than others in Nitro League. Nitro Cars have specific traits associated with them, such as reputation, speed, acceleration, handling, and durability. All car traits are measured on a five-point scale, and performance parts improve the characteristics of the car.

The performance boosters provide an advantage over rivals in winning races. These components provide extra stats in certain attributes, which enhance performance for drivers as well as cars. You may add the performance essentials and build up an optimal combination for the race's track conditions and arena weather. This is more prominently emphasized for fans of Nitro League's Nitro Arcade title, the sim racing management game that allows players to take control over their crew and make the right decisions to alter their driver's car to match the track environment and weather conditions at an event.

The Nitro League NFT car components available for customization are:

  • Engine: Upgrading the Engine will boost the speed. There are three types of Engine upgrades available; Combustion, Electric, and Fusion.
  • Tires: Upgrading tires will improve handling in different track conditions. There are several tire types built for specific car models.
  • Brakes: Upgrading breaks will improve braking and drifting. The two types of breaks available are Wheel Breaks and Thruster Breaks.
  • Booster Kit: Installing Booster Kit will enhance the speed tremendously boost during races.
  • Spoilers: Installing Spoilers will improve the speed and handling of the car. Spoiler installations are available for specific cars only.

How to Get Started

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Nitro League is currently available to Android users only and can only be accessed through downloading the APK directly from the game's website. There are plans for the game to be listed on the official Google Play Store as well as adding support to iOS devices but hasn't happened yet. Anyone can join in and play after the studio's shift in direction to actively promote their free-to-play model.

Players who don't own any of the game's Genesis NFT cars will get to redeem a free car, a free driver, and even be eligible to claim rewards generated through completing daily quests and opening loot boxes. There are specific races as well for free-to-play players to make sure it is an even and fair experience for the entire Nitro League playerbase.

On the other hand, you can experience the more managerial position Nitro Arcade offers you directly through your browser. Anyone familiar with the likes of Football Manager and has a passion for racing will feel right at home with the more backseat approach this game mode has to offer to those who like taking decisions and influencing the outcome more so than driving themselves.

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