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NFL Rivals brings the excitement of American football to the mobile gaming arena, catering to both Android and Apple users. As you manage your player roster and guide your team to victory, the game aims to captivate players with its gameplay mechanics and leaderboard-driven progression. However, while it demonstrates potential, certain areas prevent it from achieving greatness.


At the outset, NFL Rivals introduces you to a squad of generic characters lacking notable skills. As you delve into the game, earning in-game credits and gems becomes pivotal in unlocking packs from the shop. These packs offer a chance to acquire new players, injecting fresh talent into your team and bolstering its power score. Offensive plays require strategic decision-making, with players taking control of the quarterback to execute throws or initiate running plays.

Successful catches prompt a switch to the ball-carrying player, who must advance towards the end zone. The game adheres to standard American football rules, allowing for varied play choices and decisions, such as whether to play or punt the ball. On defense, your team's performance solely relies on their stats, as you observe their actions rather than directly controlling them.

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As the game progresses, the significance of your team's stats during offensive plays becomes increasingly apparent. Interceptions, incomplete passes, and tackled teammates add layers of challenge to the experience. To address these hurdles, improving your cards and power score becomes crucial. While in-game tokens can be earned through gameplay, the presence of paid options, granting significant advantages in team building, raises concerns regarding potential pay-to-win tendencies.

NFL Rivals offers a range of story modes and leaderboards, each catering to different play styles and team compositions. While the standard story mode welcomes all players, additional leaderboards unlock special prizes contingent upon your team's configuration. Additionally, experience points provide the means to level up your players, augmenting their stats and overall effectiveness on the field. As you collect more players than fit in your squad, you can sell them for additional XP to improve your main players.

Despite my limited NFL knowledge, NFL Rivals managed to captivate my attention, resulting in extended play sessions. The allure of improving my team's competitiveness prompted me to invest in some in-game items. However, the game's visual presentation requires refinement, as certain animations, particularly the kicking animation, verge on the comical side. While there is a risk of repetitiveness due to the similarity between plays, the increasing significance of team stats necessitates honing your skills during offensive maneuvers.


NFL Rivals boasts accessible gameplay mechanics interwoven with challenging aspects, complemented by a sports team management component. However, the game lacks incentives for exploring diverse roster configurations, favoring a reliance on the highest power score for optimal plays. As a result, the experience may leave some players yearning for more depth and variety. NFL enthusiasts and fans of this style of gameplay will find some enjoyment in NFL Rivals, but it falls short of providing a truly outstanding mobile football experience.

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NFL Rivals Review

NFL Rivals offers accessible gameplay mechanics combined with challenging elements, along with a sports team management aspect. However, the game lacks incentives to explore different roster configurations, as it heavily relies on the highest power score for optimal performance. This may leave some players wanting more depth and variety. While NFL enthusiasts and fans of this gameplay style may find enjoyment in NFL Rivals, it falls short of delivering an exceptional mobile football experience.



Quick and easy to start playing

Engaging gameplay

Varied leaderboards


Heavy reliance on power score for automated play

Potential for pay-to-win mechanics

Graphics in certain areas need improvement

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