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Take charge of your ideal team and steer your star players towards the end zone, striving to etch your legacy as the most successful NFL General Manager in history.

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NFL Rivals is a thrilling, action-packed football game where you assume the role of an NFL General Manager, building and leading your dream team to the end zone. Strategize to make your mark as the greatest GM in NFL history and claim victory over your rivals through arcade-style football gameplay, offering electrifying action and endless fun.


A significant aspect of NFL Rivals is its dynamic, arcade-style gameplay. This offers an adrenaline-fueled football experience filled with compelling action and continuous entertainment. As players navigate through the game, they encounter opportunities to claim victory over their rivals, underscoring the game's competitive aspect.

Each new season in NFL Rivals brings novel opportunities for competition and achievement. Players participate in riveting events, compete against rivals, and strive for the top of the game rankings. As players progress, they can unlock and collect digital collectibles featuring their favorite NFL players, adding a layer of collection and upgrading to the gameplay.

Multiplayer interaction forms an integral part of NFL Rivals. Players have the option to join a squad and collaborate with other GMs. This cooperative element of gameplay allows squads to ascend the leaderboards and procure valuable in-game rewards together.

NFL Rivals provides players with the opportunity to build their ultimate team line-up. This feature enables participants to leverage limited collections, exclusive designs, and superior statistics to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, the Rarity League invites players to gather friends for the ultimate showdown, fostering community and competition.

The game offers a novel way for players to represent their preferred NFL teams. This is enabled through exclusive events that yield unique rewards, enhancing player satisfaction. NFL Rivals, with its blend of strategy, action, and collection elements, provides a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience for football fans eager to elevate their gameplay.

How to Get Started

NFL Rivals is currently available for free for everyone to enjoy on both Android and iOS. There aren't any forced web3 elements so you can easily play the game till you decide to interact with any blockchain element.

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NFL Rivals

Demonstrate your expertise in sports management with NFL Rivals, a professionally authorized mobile football game featuring digital player cards.


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