The Fabled New Alpha Phase Scheduled for March 15

Following its initial Alpha phase in December, The Fabled is gearing up for its new Alpha stage, going live on March 15th.

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Fans of Dark Souls and other challenging action RPGs have a new game to look forward to. The Fabled, an upcoming title from developer Octavian Studios, is set to enter its next alpha phase on March 15th, 2023. This news comes after a successful first alpha phase in December 2022, where players got a taste of the game's challenging combat and atmospheric world.

Like Dark Souls, The Fabled is a game that prides itself on its difficulty. Players will need to master the game's combat mechanics and learn the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies if they hope to progress through the game's dark and foreboding world. The game's developer has promised that the upcoming alpha phase will feature even more challenging enemies and environments than the first one, so players can expect to be put to the test once again.

Despite its difficulty, The Fabled has already generated a lot of buzz among web3 gaming fans of the action RPG genre. The game's fast-paced combat system demands swift reflexes and well-honed skills for players to emerge victorious. To cater to players' individual preferences, a variety of weapons is available, ranging from bows for ranged attacks to one-handed swords for swift close-range damage output, and two-handed weapons for high damage but slower attack speed. Moreover, players will need to strategize and adapt their combat tactics based on the enemy they are facing, as each foe possesses its own set of unique strengths and weaknesses.

Are you excited to get your hands again on The Fabled? Will you keep count of how many times you will die this time?

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