Decentral Games Reveals ICE Poker Arcade

Decentral Games introduces ICE Poker Arcade, a facelift for the web3 game's poker web app.

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Decentral Games, a virtual gaming platform, has announced a new brand identity for their poker web app, called the ICE Poker Arcade. The company's mission is to onboard the next million players into the Metaverse, and they believe that simplifying their product is the key to achieving this goal. The launch of their new Prize Marketplace presented the perfect opportunity to explain ICE Poker using the analogy of an arcade. The new branding will make it easier for players to understand and participate in the platform.

With the ICE Poker Arcade, players can play in the poker arcade to win big prizes. The web app, tournament game mode, and wearables will all be renamed to match the new branding, but it's business as usual otherwise. Players can still enjoy the same ICE Poker they are familiar with, and the DG team will continue to ship new features.

The new ICE Poker Arcade brand will see ICE Poker Flex renamed to ICE Poker Arcade, Tournament Mode renamed to Arcade Mode, and Tournament wearables renamed to Arcade wearables. Arcade Mode will continue to be their SNG tournament game mode where players can win badges and redeem them for big prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, and more. Arcade wearables will give players access to play on the ICE Poker Arcade app and in the Metaverse.

In addition to these changes, the company has updated its homepage to better communicate its product. The ICE Poker Arcade is only the first step, and the company plans to expand the ICE Arcade with more games that players can play and win prizes from, such as blackjack, roulette, and more in the coming months.

To celebrate the rebrand, Decentral Games is holding a special giveaway with a DG prize bundle, including a DG hoodie, DG dad hat, sticker pack, and $25 in $xDG. The company hopes that this rebrand will make it easier for community members to introduce ICE Poker to new players and expand its reach.

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September 21st 2023


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