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The Fabled is a third person action RPG built in Unreal Engine 5. Players explore various levels, overcoming challenges, and fighting difficult bosses to earn NFT loot

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The Fabled is an action RPG built using Unreal Engine 5, players guide their character through various levels where portals to the abyss have been opened. Players must conquer various challenges and enemies as they attempt to uncover the mystery of who opened the portals and how they were created. The abyss is a chaotic and unpredictable force that corrupts all it touches, and so far, no one has been able to solve the mystery.

As players embark on their journey, they will start in their Homestead - a sanctuary that serves as a safe place to rest and recover. It includes a house, farm, fusion area, and portal area. Players can use the Homestead to store items they acquire, and can choose from various housing styles and land types. Additionally, players can use their farm to grow food to replenish health lost during battles.

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Players can choose from three main Fabled classes: Divine beings known as Gods who strive to keep the abyss at bay, despite the risk of corruption. Demons, who seek to conquer the abyss and bring about a new era of chaos. And human warriors from prestigious clans, who band together to uncover the abyss's mysteries and defend against its threat.


Players will encounter a variety of combat challenges as they delve into the abyss. The Fabled's combat system is fast-paced, requiring players to have quick reflexes and honed skills to succeed. Players can choose from different weapons such as bows for ranged attacks, one-handed swords for fast damage output at close range, and two-handed weapons for high damage but slower attack speed. Additionally, players will need to adapt different combat strategies for different enemies they encounter, as each foe will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses.


Players use energy to enter the abyss. Each player has a limited amount of energy available to them per day. Once a player has used up their energy, they will need to wait or acquire energy potions to continue their journey. Alternatively, players can imbue their Fabled characters with $ABYS to avoid using energy altogether when traveling with that character.

Energy potions can be earned by successfully defeating bosses and through legendary item drops. Characters that are minted use less energy and the energy consumption decreases as the character level increases. Players with homesteads can also acquire free energy by harvesting crops that periodically grow on their property.


The Fabled will receive new content every season, which lasts between 4-6 months, including new worlds, characters, weapons, and items. Previous season's items will no longer be mintable, but players who already possess them can still use and trade them. Some older items may need to be sacrificed to mint new items. Playing the free version of the game will give access to some new items and characters.

However, players will not have access to the marketplace, leaderboards, renting features and will not be able to monetize their in-game time. Each season has a limited number of tokens and mintable items, which means players will have to compete to collect and mint all available items within the season's timeframe. Season 1 of The Fabled will feature at least 2 worlds, over 15 characters, and 70+ items to collect. 

How to Get Started

The Fabled Alpha Demo is currently available for download through the game's website. However, it is only accessible for Mintpass & Mintkey holders, both of which are available for purchase through Opensea. Once you have made the purchase, you can connect your wallet and verify its ownership to enjoy playing The Fabled.

The studio already plans on giving the wider public the opportunity to play the game in its current Alpha stage to gather more feedback within Q1 2023.

About The Fabled


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The Fabled

The Fabled is an action-RPG where players overcome tremendous challenges, explore various worlds and collect rare items.


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