Rumble Kong League Alpha Test Goes Live

Learn how to play in Rumble Kong League's Alpha test, what to expect, and the purpose of this testing phase.

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The much-anticipated RKL alpha test is finally here, offering an electrifying ride through the realm of basketball. This thrilling new addition to the world of web3 gaming will allow players to get a first-hand experience of managing a team of three Kongs in a digital basketball match.

Rumble Kong League, designed to give players full control of their team, features new tactical action buttons for direct player control. Additionally, an 'on fire' mechanic and ultimate abilities add to the thrill of the game.

It's worth noting that the RKL game is still in its alpha phase. This means that there could be potential bugs and aspects of the game that need improvement. Players' feedback will be crucial in this phase. After playing 3-5 games, a pop-up will appear, allowing players to share their feedback.

To play Rumble Kong League, players will need a Metamask wallet. A link to the game will be shared through RKL's social media channels and email. After selecting a username and password, players can log in and start playing. 

Although the game is in alpha, rookies are not yet implemented. In the future, off-chain bot characters will be added to the game to offer a more enhanced gaming experience.

The RKL alpha test is set to begin early ET on May 26th and will run until May 29th at 11am ET. The official link for the highly-anticipated RKL Alpha test can be found here.

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