Mirandus Reveal Their Roadmap till April 2023

Mirandus is gearing up towards an exciting couple of months, and their latest roadmap update lays it all out.

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Mirandus has announced its roadmap for the next few months, following an exciting rise in popularity for all of GALA Games' ecosystem. In January, the Firebrand Noble Steed 50% off sale will come to a close. This is a limited-time sale of a unique non-fungible token (NFT) item, so players will want to take advantage of it before it's gone.

February will see the launch of Tavern Games, which will feature a new game called Three-Eyed Snake. According to the Mirandus Master, Tavern Games is built on the Mirandus tech stack, so playing it will help test parts of the back-end.

In March, a new Mirandus tech test will commence. The goal is to get at least 500 concurrent players to participate in this test, with prizes being offered to those who take part. The test will serve as a way to ensure the platform is ready for a larger player base.

Lastly, March/April will see the burning of all remaining Firebrand Noble Steed NFTs, as previously promised. This is a common practice in the NFT community, where a limited number of items are minted and then "burned" to increase their value and rarity.

Overall, the next few months will be an exciting time for Mirandus players as new content, games and events are launched. These events are not only fun for players but also helps to test the platform and improve it for a larger player base in the future. The team recently revealed how $GALA will now become the game's core token, while $MTRM will play a crucial role in the game's spells and magical acts on the side.

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September 21st 2023


January 24th 2023

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$GALA Revealed as Mirandus Core Token

Michael McCarthy, the founder of Mirandus, has announced $GALA will be used as the core token in-game while $MTRM will be reserved for spells and magical acts.

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